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Om Sri Sai Ram

"Many a time devotees are writing about Mahima and power of Sri Sai SatCharitra and they are mentioning about weekly Parayan .Many mails come to me asking for what is Sai Satcharitra Parayan and what is the procedure to do it ?Instead of replying individual mail I decided to write a post on this so that each devotee who is new to Sai Satcharitra reading or parayan can understand better from this post .

Whatever I am going to write about Sai Satcharitra Parayan is what I have read ,heard and I am myself following, so if any devotee who finds it different than what they are doing are welcome to suggest or add value to the already posted article.

Like everyone has their own way of worshipping their deity similarly reading Sai Satcharitra and doing its Parayan or weekly Parayan is also an individual choice. Baba did not like rituals, and what ever I am writing is good practice or suggested practice.

I shall be writing common method what Sai devotees generally follow .Along with this I am also attaching the authentic details and references from Sai Satcharitra which can be taken as golden words/rule and can be followed and understood by new readers for Sai Satcharitra reading.

Before writing in detail about Parayan I shall like to mention i for new readers how Sai Satcharitra came into existence and how it was blessed by Baba HIMSELF to Hemadpant.

The complete detail about the same can be read from Sai Satcharitra book chapter 2 and 3 .Here I have extracted few related details for direct and better understanding of the devotees in 9 points.

After this I shall explain how Parayan/weekly Parayan(Saptah) should be done and finally the benefit of reading Sai Satcharitra ,prayer to Lord Sai ,followed by Prasad Yachna (Offering of Prasad.) Jai Sai Ram .


1. When Hemadpant(writer of Sri Sai Satcharitra) heard miracles of Sai Baba the delight he got, burst forth into poetic work. Hemandpant thought, that the description of these grand miracles of Sai Baba would be interesting, and instructive to His devotees; and would remove their sins, and so he began to write the sacred life and teachings of Sai Baba.

2. Hemadpant thought that he was not a fit person to undertake the work. He said, "I do not know the life of my intimate friend nor do I know my own mind, then how can I write the life of a saint or describe the nature of Incarnations, which even the Vedas were unable to do? One must be a saint himself, before he could know other saints, then how can I describe their glory? To write the life of a saint is the most difficult. He knew, that this was the most venturous undertaking, which might expose him to ridicule. He, therefore, invoked Sai Baba’s grace.

3. Many books and magazine were being written on Sai Baba during that time.Then the question of objection came in, that while so many works regarding Sai Baba were extant, why should this (Satcharita) be written? And where is its necessity? The answer came plain and simple. The life of Sai Baba is as wide and deep as the infinite ocean; and all can dive deep into the same and take out precious gems (of knowledge and Bhakti), and distribute them to the aspiring public. The stories, parables, and teachings of Sai Baba are very wonderful. They will give peace and happiness to the people, who are afflicted with sorrows and heavily loaded with miseries of this worldly existence, and also bestow knowledge and wisdom, both in the worldly and in spiritual domains. If these teachings of Sai Baba, which are as interesting and instructive as the Vedic lore, are listened to and meditated upon, the devotees will get, what they long for, viz., union with Brahman, mastery in eight-fold Yoga, Bliss of meditation etc.

4. So Hemandpant thought that he should call these stories together that would be his best Upasana. This collection would be most delightful to those simple souls, whose eyes were not blessed with Sai Baba’s darshana. So, he set about collecting Sai Baba’s teachings and expressions - the outcome of His boundless and natural self-realization. It was Sai Baba, who inspired him in this matter; in fact, Hemandpant surrendered his ego at Baba’s feet, and thought that his path was clear; and that Baba would make him quite happy here, and in the next world.
5. Hemandpant could not ask Sai Baba to give him permission for this work; so he requested Mr. Madhavrao Deshpande alias Shama, Baba’s most intimate devotee, to speak to Him.. He pleaded for Hemandpant’s cause and said to Sai Baba, "This Annasaheb wishes to write Your biography, don’t say that You are a poor begging Fakir, and there is no necessity to write it, but if You agree and help him, he will write or rather, Your feet (grace) will accomplish the work. Without Your consent and blessing, nothing can be done successfully." When Sai Baba heard this request, He was moved and blessed Hemandpant by giving him His Udi (sacred ashes) and placing His boon-bestowing hand on his head said :- "Let him make a collection of stories and experiences, keep notes and memos; I will help him. He is only an outward instrument. I should write Myself My autobiography and satisfy the wishes of My devotees. He should get rid of his ego, place (or surrender) it at My feet. He who acts like this in life, him I help the most. What of My life-stories? I serve him in his house in all possible ways. When his ego is completely annihilated and there is left no trace of it, I Myself shall enter into him and shall Myself write My own life. Hearing my stories and teachings will create faith in devotees’ hearts and they will easily get self - realization and Bliss; let there be no insistence on establishing one’s own view, no attempt to refute other’s opinions, no discussions of pros and cons of any subject."

6. Sai Baba gave His complete assent to the writing of the Sat-Charita to Hemandpant and said, "I fully agree with you regarding the writing of Sat Charita. You do your duty, don’t be afraid in the least, steady your mind and have faith in My words. If My Leelas are written, the Avidya (nescience) will vanish and if they are attentively, and devoutly listened to, the consciousness of the worldly existence will abate, and strong waves of devotion, and love will rise up and if one dives deep into My Leelas, he would get precious jewels of knowledge."

7. Hearing this, author was much pleased, and he at once became fearless and confident, and thought that work was bound to be a success. Then turning to Shama (Madhavrao Deshpande) Sai Baba said. "If a man utters My name with love, I shall fulfill all his wishes, increase his devotion. And if he sings earnestly My life and My deeds, him I shall beset in front and back and on all sides. Those devotees, who are attached to Me, heart and soul, will naturally feel happiness, when they hear these stories. Believe Me that if anybody sings My Leelas, I will give him infinite joy and everlasting contentment. It is My special characteristic to free any person, who surrenders completely to Me, and who does worship Me faithfully, and who remembers Me, and meditates on Me constantly. How can they be conscious of worldly objects and sensations, who utter My name, who worship Me, who think of My stories and My life and who thus always remember Me? I shall draw out My devotees from the jaws of Death. If My stories are listened to, all the diseases will be got rid of. So, hear My stories with respect; and think and meditate on them, assimilate them. This is the way of happiness and contentment. The pride and egoism of My devotees will vanish, the mind of the hearers will be set at rest; and if it has wholehearted and complete faith, it will be one with Supreme Consciousness. The simple remembrance of My name as ‘Sai, Sai’ will do away with sins of speech and hearing".

8. The Lord entrusts different works to different devotees. Some are given the work of building temples and maths, or ghats (flight of steps) on rivers; some are made to sing the glories of God; some are sent on pilgrimages; but to me(Hemadpant) was allotted the work of writing the Sai SatCharita. Being a jack-of-all-trades but master of none, Hemandpant was quite unqualified for this job. Then why should he undertake such a difficult job? Who can describe the true life of Sai Baba? Sai Baba’s grace alone can enable one to accomplish this difficult work. So, when he took up the pen in his hand, Sai Baba took away his egoism and wrote Himself His stories. The credit of relating these stories, therefore, goes to Him (Sai Baba)and not to me says Hemandpant . Hemandpants says “though Brahmin by birth, I lacked the two eyes. (i.e. the sight or vision) of Shruti and Smriti and therefore was not at all capable of writing the Sai Sat-Charita, but the grace of the Lord makes a dumb man talk, enables a lame man to cross a mountain. He alone knows the knack of getting things done, as He likes.

9. Light houses are constructed at various places in the sea, to enable the boatmen to avoid rocks and dangers, and make them sail safely. Sai Baba’s stories serve a similar purpose in the ocean of worldly existence. They surpass nectar in sweetness, and make our worldly path smooth and easy to traverse. Blessed are the stories of the saints. When they enter our hearts through the ears, the body - consciousness or egoism and the sense of duality vanish; and when they are stored in the heart, doubts fly out to all sides, pride of the body will fall, and wisdom will be stored in abundance. The description of Baba’s pure fame, and the hearing of the same, with love, will destroy the sins of the devotee and, therefore, this is the simple Sadhana for attaining salvation. The Sadhana for Krita Age was Shamadama (tranquillity of mind and body), for Treta Age, sacrifice, for Dwapara, worship, and for Kali (present) Age, it is singing of the name and glory of the Lord. This last Sadhana is open to all the people of the four varnas (Brahmins, etc.). The other Sadhanas, viz. Yoga, Yagya (sacrifice), Dhyana (meditation) and Dharana (concentration) are very difficult to practice, but singing and hearing the stories and the glory of the Lord (Sai Baba) is very easy. We have only to turn our attention towards them. The listening and singing of the stories will remove the attachment to the senses and their objects, and will make the devotees dispassionate, and will ultimately lead them to self-realization. With this end in view, Sai Baba made Hemandpant or helped Hamandpant to write His stories, Sri Sat-Charitamrita. The devotees may now easily read and hear these stories of Sai Baba and while doing so, meditate on Him, His form and thus attain devotion to Guru and God (Sai Baba), get detachment and self-realization. In the preparation and writing of this work, Sat-Charitamrita, it is Sai Baba’s grace which has accomplished everything, making use of (Me)Hemandpant as a mere instrument.

Reasons for Reading Sai Satcharitra :

Devotee’s can do Sai Satcharitra parayan(reading )/Saptah Parayan(weekly reading ) for any of the following reason .If the complete book is read in one weeks time it is said to fulfill the desire of the reader .These can be:

1. Getting some wish or desire being fulfilled by Sai Maharaj
2. Treatment of ailment, health issue, progeny or related problem.
3. Seeking grace of Baba in removing the Problem or worries which are surrounding the bhakta.
4. For good education/knowledge/focus in studies /Sai Baba’s grace in studies - by student, for securing good result.
5. For employment, interview and job.
6. Financial, material, emotional, family and relationship related issues.
7. Out of love and devotion to Sadguru Sainath
8. For grace of Guru in attaining salvation, success in path of self –realization, spiritual upliftment.
9. To overcome pride, egoism, control over worldly objects and sensations.
10.For betterment in life, peace and happiness.

The above list is not exhaustive but only indicative. Parayan can fulfill any wish the devotee desires.….

But the fruit of Sai Satcharitra Parayan and its success purely depends on Baba’s Grace .He is capable of seeing the worth of devotee, his motive, his devotion ,His faith and His past ,present –future. Just mere reading of the holy book with intention of getting desired result may not be blessed by Baba .Not only this, sometime even after reading the result is not achieved ,in this case devotees should not be disheartened .Baba is the ultimate doer and what He shall bless shall be the best for the devotee. To be precise, when the devotees start the Parayan /weekly Parayan they should completely surrender the result at the Holy feet of Baba and Baba shall bless each according to His Prarabdh or worthiness.

Parayan Procedure:

Dear devotees there is no hard and fast rule in following these procedure .All Baba want is love and he did not believe in outward rituals .If the devotees have firm faith in Baba ,parayan shall have its result.

1. Devotees who wish to do weekly Parayan(Saptah) (complete the full book Sri Sai Satcharitra in 7 days) should start reading the book from Thursday .

2.After taking bath ,cleaning temple (home temple), lighting Diya ,Incense stick ,applying Baba’s sacred Udi should start the reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra.(called as Saptah Parayan)with complete devotion and faith in Baba.(If the devotees do not have a puja room, say for example devotees living in hostels, they can sit in a neat place, where there is no disturbance, and start their parayan). Similarly if one is not keeping good health or by any reason cannot take bath or light Diya ,taking Baba’s name they can still read the book .Hence there is no fast rule to follow .

3. Sai Satcharitra has total 51 chapters which can be divided into 7 chapters as per to 7 days and can be read by devotees as per to their convenience i.e. they can read all 7 chapter at one go or they can divide these 7 chapter into 3 chapter in the morning and 4 chapter in the evening. This purely depends on devotees how they wish to read these chapters in a day.

4. The chapters are divided in the following manner for ease of reading and completing in time.
Day 1 Ch 1-6
Day 2 Ch 7-13
Day 3 Ch 14-22
Day 4 Ch 23-28
Day 5 Ch 29-35
Day 6 Ch 36-42
Day 7 Ch 43-51

5. Every day some Prasad or navadiya should be offered to Baba like any fruit, dry fruit, sugar candy, raisins etc as per to convenience of the devotee .There is no hard and fast rule again.

6. By Wednesday evening Sai Satcharitra will complete.

7. After the completion of Sai Satcharitra Prashad (offering ) or Dakshina should be offered to Baba either in home temple or in Sai temple near to their home where they can go . If they cannot go than they can prepare anything at home or get readymade sweat dish and offer to Baba seeking his blessing for the parayan .Here again I would like to mention that it is not necessary if you cannot go or offer than, simple Pranam at Lotus feet of Baba shall also do, being in your own place. What ever the devotees eat can be offered as food, it can be veg or non veg food. .

The last chapter (epilogue) in Sai Satcharitra which gives complete detail about result of Sai Satcharitra Parayan ,I am attaching here .Devotee shall read this chapter in their Sai Satcharitra Book when they complete the book on the last day .I am giving this particular (last)Â chapter here so that readers can know the importance of Reading Sai Satcharitra and doing its
 parayan .

8. Greatness of Sad-guru Sai and reward of reading Sai Satcharitra

We prostrate ourselves before and take refuge in that Sai Samarth Who besets all animate and inanimate things in the universe-from a post to God Brahma, pots, houses, mansions and even sky, Who pervades all creatures equally without any differentiation, to Whom all devotees are alike; and Who knows not honor and dishonors, like or dislike.

If we remember Him and surrender to Him, He fulfills all our desires and makes us attain the goal of life.

This ocean of mundane existence is very hard to cross. Waves of infatuation beat high there against the bank of bad thoughts and break down trees of fortitude. The breeze of egoism blows forcibly and makes the ocean rough and agitated. Crocodiles in the form of anger and hatred move there fearlessly. Eddies in the form of the idea "I and Mine" and other doubts whirl there incessantly and innumerable fishes in the form of censure, hate and jealousy play there, Though this ocean is so fierce and terrible, Sad-guru Sai is its Agasti (Destroyer) and the devotees of Sai have not the least to fear of it. Our Sadguru is the boat, which will safety take us across this ocean.


Now we fall flat before Sai Baba and holding His Feet make the following prayer for the public:- Let not our mind wander and desire anything except Thee. Let this work (Satcharita) be in every house and let it be studied daily. Ward off the calamities of those who study it regularly.

Fala-Shruti (Reward of Study of Sai Satcharitra )

Now a few words about the reward you get, from a study of this work. After bathing in the sacred Godavari and after taking the darshan of the Samadhi in the Samadhi-mandir in Shirdi, you should read or hear the Satcharita. If you do this all your threefold afflictions will vanish.

Casually thinking about the stories of Sai, you will get unconsciously interested in spiritual life and if you then go on through the work with love, all your sins will be destroyed. If you wish to get rid of the cycle of births and deaths, read Sai's stories and remember Him always; and get yourself attached (devoted) to His Feet.

If you dive into the sea of Sai's stories, and then give them out to others, you will get an ever-new flavor of them and save the hearers from perdition. If you go on meditating on Sai's Form, it will in course of time disappear and lead you into self-realization. It is very hard to know or realize the nature of Self or Brahma, but if you approach through the Sugun Brahma (Sai's Form) your progress will be easy.

If the devotee completely surrenders himself to Him, he will lose his individuality and be merged in Him and be one with Him, as the river in the sea. If you thus become merged with Him in any of the three states, viz., waking, dream and sleep, you get rid of the bond of samsara.

If anybody after bathing reads this with love and faith, and completes it within a week, his calamities will disappear; or if he hears or reads it daily and regularly all his dangers will be warded off. By its study, a man wishing for wealth will get it and a pure trader, success in his life. He will get the reward according to his faith and devotion. Without these, there will be no experience of any kind.

If you read this respectfully, Sai will be pleased, and removing you ignorance and poverty, He will give you knowledge, wealth and prosperity. With concentrated mind, if you read a Chapter daily, it will give you unbounded happiness. One, who has his welfare at heart, should study it carefully and then he will ever remember Sai gratefully and joyfully in birth after birth.

This work should be read at home especially on Guru-Pournima (Ashadha full-moon day), Gokul-Ashtami, Rama-Navami and Dasara (Baba's anniversary day). If you study this one book carefully, all your desires will be satisfied and if you always remember Sai's Feet in your heart, you will easily cross the Bhava (Samsar) sagar. By its study, the diseased and sick will get health, the poor wealth, the mean and afflicted prosperity, and the mind will get rid of all ideas and get steadiness.

Dear good and devoted readers and listeners, we also make our bow to you all, and make you a special request. Never forget Him whose stories you have read day by day or month by month. The more fervently you read or listen to these stories, the more encouragement Sai gives us to serve you and be of use to you. Both the author and the readers must co-operate in this work, help each other and be happy.

9. Prasad-Yachana (Offering of Prasad)

We close the with prayer to the Almighty for the following Prasad of favour:- May the readers and devotees get complete and whole-hearted devotion to Sai's Feet. May His Form be ever fixed in their eyes and may they see Sai (the Lord) in all beings. Amen!

10. When the parayan is complete family members can join together and do Baba’s Aarti and than Prasad offered to Sainath can be distributed to the family members ."

Bow to Shri Sai - Peace be to all


Conversations with the Divine Master

Om Sri Sai Ram

Nana: Baba, I am fed up with this saMsAra. It is only nissAra (thast without content). Please help me cut the bonds which bind me to it. What appears as pleasant in the beginning ends in misery. Fate tosses us hither and thither. I don’t see an iota of happiness in this saMsAra.

Baba: Nana, you are prattling like a mad man. What you say is only partially true. You have misunderstood the truth. The saMsAra will exist as long as the body exists. No one can escape from it. How can you? Even I am under its clutches. The saMsAra is varied and different. It is the work of Desire and Anger. All the vagaries of the mind and the body constitute saMsAra. By running away and hiding yourself in a forest you cannot escape it. What you are now has been brought on you by yourself. You are only experiencing the fruits of your actions done by you in your previous lives. It is by that cause the effect of the appearance of this body has taken place. This is called deha-prArabdha. The soul gets a body just to experience the consequences of actions of its own previous lives. Without experiencing the consequences of prArabdha karma one cannot leave this world. Why do people look different? Why, in fact, do various living beings look different? It is all because of the karma of previous lives. A rich man’s dog rolls in joy on a cushioned sofa. A poor man’s dog rots at the street corner. The difference is because of prArabdha.

Nana: Since pleasure and pain do any way alternate in this samsAra, one feels like hating it and renouncing it. Is it not good to renounce?

Baba: Pleasure and pain are both mAyA. What appears as pleasant is not really a pleasure. People in the clutches of samsAra take the appearance of plesure as real pleasure and are drawn towards it. As a result of prArabdha karma one fellow gets tasty, dainty and rich food while another felllow has onoly stale bread to eat. The former thinks that he has no wants and the latter thinks he is a failure. Think well. Whatever you may eat, the result is the same. Appeasement of one’s hunger. One fellow covers his body with costly cloth with zari and all. Another does the same with a torn old rag. Both serve the same purpose. Pleasure and pain depend on the attitude of your mind. This is the effect of mAyA. Do not give place in your mind to thoughts of pleasure and pain.

mAyA manifests itself as the six enemies of Man.: Lust, Anger, Greed, Delusion, Pride and Envy. They make non-real things appear as real. A poor man, seeing the rich man wearing a gold ornament, wishes to have one like that for himself. This is greed. The others are similar to this. Conquer all six of these foes of Man. No desire will then rise in the mind. Otherwise you will become a slave of these six rogues. Use your discretion and kill them. You will not be affected by pleasure and pain caused by mAyA.

Let me tell you how you should go about in this samsAra. A wise person will be content with whatever he has, knowing full well that it is his prArabdha. If you have riches, be humble. A tree with more fruits in it will bend. But do not bend before all. One should certainly be firm and stern with wicked people. But with sAdhus and the devout, you should show humility and modesty.

Spend your wealth in charity and dharma. But do not be extravagant. This body is certainly impermanent but so long as it is there, wealth is necessary to a certain extent. Even bile is necessary for the health of the body. But do not become greedy as money is the be-all and end-all of life. Be charitable. But do not do wasteful expenditure.

Observe happily all the goings-on in the world. Do not forget God. Remember always: ‘This samsAra is not mine, it is God’s.’ Show your sympathy with the poor and the down-trodden. Do not hurt them by showing hate or disgust. Keep a constant mental analysis of the question: ‘Who am I?’

Nana: Baba, Who is God? How will He look? Where is He? How can we see Him?

Baba: Those who toil in samsAra neither understand what is right and wrong nor do they comprehen the nature of God. Pure thoughts are absent in them. Constantly being immersed in the ocean of samsAra they do not have faith in devotion or in the scriptures. They don’t reach God. They go towards hell.

On the other hand those who are eager to rise higher towards salvation, discard this state of bondage and begin to enquire wiuth discretion and intelligence. They are always itching to see God. They develop bhakti towards Him and observe the laws of the scriptures. They adopt nAma-japa and dhyAna and become a sAdhaka (an aspirant to reach God). They continuously move with the devout. When they reach a mature stage in their japa and dhyAna they become saintly. In that stage God and Man are alike. Praise and blame are one and the same for them. Desires have left them. The thought of ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ are not any more there. They begin to see that their own AtmA and God are the same. They realize ‘I am brahman".

Observe how each one of them has reached God. You will yourself then understand that God permeates all animate and inanimate objects in the world.

God is everywhere. There is no place where He is not. What prevents us from seeing Him is the power of mAyA. I, you, this world, all are part of ISvara. Therefore no one should hate another. Never forget that the Lord is everywhere. That will generate Love in you. When love overflows, everything is obtained.

Divine Interventions

Om Sri Sai Ram

Happy Baba's day to all readers.We all know that Baba is very compassionate, extremely merciful and the greatest healer. The only requirement to experience the ultimate prowess of Sai Baba is His two axioms, Shraddha and Saburi. If one has the unquestioned faith on Baba and has patience, Baba takes off all the maladies of His bhakta no matter how grievous the sufferings are. The following leela beautifully illustrate how Baba came to rescue to HIS devotee who has left all his hopes. Here's a leela of Baba which I intend sharing with the world at large through your blogs The purpose of sharing the leela is to re-enforce Shraddha, Saburi and the importance of Sri SaiSatcharitra reading. My cousin sister, Pallavi, who is like my daughter, is married to Sri Jatin. They got married about 5 years ago and have a 2 years old daughter. Jatin had developed severe pain in his left knee in July 2008. All sorts of tests were conducted but could not prove anything.

Later MRI and biopsy was conducted which proved that he was suffering from Ostero Sarcoma of the left knee. In simple English its cancer on the left knee. Various doctors gave various opinions and a treatment of chemotherapy was drawn. One can imagine what would have been the atmosphere at home. Everyone was shattered. Like most Mumbaites, Jatin was also aware of Baba and had visited Shirdi too but he wasn't a real devotee of Baba. I was luckily then in Mumbai so I went to visit Jatin after a prayer to Baba. There after meeting I announced to him that Baba is his in-charge and I asked him to have the sacred udi and the holy abhishek jal from Panvel darbar. Also I asked him to read Sri Sai Satcharitra everyday. I sent him the udi, the abhishek jal and a copy of Sri Sai Satcharitra along with a framed picture of Baba which was taken after we had made offering of a poshak to Baba in Shirdi in Novemeber 1997. I have always maintained that this picture of Baba is rare with that unique smile on his face. I had shared this picture and a small write up on Manisha's blog on 31 December 2008. I prayed to Baba again and again and said, " Baba, I have assured Jatin and Pallavi on your behalf, please help them" Baba kept His on..... The treatment began and Jatin started following my instructions. Since Jatin had progressed two steps towards Baba with complete Shraddha and Saburi, Baba moved many more steps closer to Jatin.

Now the leelas of Baba begin. Jatin in his dream gets Baba's darshan and the usual conversation of a personal suffering with his God takes place. Baba why me? What have I done to deserve this life threatening disease? Baba with love in his eyes and voice replies," Its all due to your karma of the past life. Do you want to see what you had done and why are you suffering now?" And then Baba unfolds some of the deeds on Jatin's past life. Jatin says to Baba that he can not recall any of those acts of his but now what to do? Baba replies, " You are under my care, so why worry?" Mark those words of Baba. Couple of days later, Jatin had the second dream in which he is sitting at Baba's feet. Baba asks Jatin to stand up and go along with him for His round of bhiksha. I think this is one of the rarest thing to happen. During Baba's days till 1918, Baba had asked only two devotees to go for Bhiksha round on behalf of Him. Baba and Jatin set off for seeking bhiksha and once they are through with two devotees, Jatin says, " Baba, we have now got enough for both of us, whay ask for more?" Baba replies rather angirly, " I know what I am doing, you just follow me".

They then go to few more houses and collect lot of food. Thereafter they return to Dwarkamai. Soon after that few bullock carts loads of people arrive for Baba's darshan. Baba asks all of them to eat and looks at Jatin smilingly. Yes He knows everything and cares for everyone. Jatin bowed to Baba's lotus feet. By this time two rounds of chemotherapy were through and Jatin was beginning to get weak. he continued taking udi and the holy water from Panvel. Although, not a routine, the doctors suggested to do another round of MRI and biopsy on Jatin's knee. The doctors were completely puzzled and surprised with the results. There was no infection. The doctors had never expected such results and they frankly could not explain such fast progress. How could they? Where science stops, faith begins and we become one with Him. The doctors as per their books have continued further treatment. Baba and Jatin have continued their dialogue. Just two days back, Jatin was again admitted again for a check up with high fever. He told the

doctors not to worry with medication as he has Baba's udi and the abhishek jal. He took both and the fever vanished after some time. In the early hours of morning when he was fast asleep, Baba again appeared in his dream. Jatin asks Baba, " Baba I have only half an hour before the hospital staff comes and collects my blood sample, can I please have a divine experience?" Baba says, "why not and disappears". Jatin begins to search Him and finds himself in a bylane in Shirdi. The bylane leads to Dwarkamai. Jatin reaches there and finds Baba sitting at his usual place opposite the Dhunimai. Jatin asks Him, where did He disappear? Baba replies, "I have look after others as well and I was required here".Jatin then asks Him if he could sleep in His lap. Baba replies, that is the purpose of my lap, all are welcome to rest here. Come and get some sleep" Jatin said as soon as he put his head on Baba's lap, he went into a blissful state which he could not describe. I think it was the state of Samadhi. he continued to feel the bliss and became aware that he was in his hospital bed with Baba stroking his head. In that state the hospital staff appeared.

Jatin says he did not open his eyes he did not want this state of samadhi to get over. He offered his hand for taking the blood sample. As soon as 30 minutes got over, the dream ended but that blissful state lasted for hours. Baba has not only kept His words to me and Jatin, he has once again shown us the path of coomplete Shraddha and Saburi. Jatin's complete surrender to Baba and his Faith in Him has brought these happy moments in their life. When we all break down and think of the end of the world whenever we hear about such problems, Jatin and Pallavi have shown us the right way of Bhakti. I am at a loss of words to express my gratitude to Baba for showing me the way. Sri Satchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai. - by G.P.Sinha

Experiencing the Supreme Master

Om Sri Sai Ram



In 1986 I was in the US for the first time. I was enrolled in the Florida State University in Tallahassee as a masters' student and my apartment was very close to the campus. The only companion I had was a big paper picture of baba hanging on my bedroom wall .One Saturday I finished my long assignment , went through it several times and made corrections as needed. I thought that it was okay and ready to be submitted. The last date to submit the assignment was coming Monday before 4 in the afternoon. and I had completed it on Saturday night. Before going to bed I offered the hand written assignment to my Beloved Sai and went to sleep.

I had a strange dream that night. Baba took me through the pages of the assignment and showed me the errors .The dream was so vivid that He showed me each paragraph and line where I had made mistakes and miscalculation.

Sunday morning I opened the written assignment again and went through each and every paragraph Baba had showed me the other night. Tears rolled down my eyes. Oh! there were so many mistakes in the assignment and even after going through it several times I could not figure out them. Baba was watching all this from within and as I was ready to submit it soon, He had to guide me and show me the way to success.

I had a whole day on Sunday to make corrections and finalize the paper, with Baba in my mind I did it and submitted it on Monday well before the dead line. You will be surprised to know that (though Asian) I was the only student who was able to get the highest mark in that subject.. Of course, I offered the marks to my Baba. I am very grateful to my Sai because it is He who takes care of every thing in my life. Thank You Baba, thank You so much..Â



Dear Readers,

Believe it or not the Great Miracles of SaiBaba

It was on Thursday Sept.03 1998, I happened to go for the Vehicle Driving Test without schedule with my Driving School Instructor who had called up to me and try for the standby. I was given the date for the exam in the last week of October. To my surprise, without taking the driving course for the exam I went along with him to the Driving Test office and inquired if I stood any chance for appearing the test to-day. The lady on the desk immediately responded to my request and asked me to pay the necessary charges for the driving test and be on the standby for that day.

It was unbelievable for me that I would be given a chance on that day as there is always a waiting list for months in advance. However, I paid the amount and another surprise is that the lady who had filled the driving test form wrote that I would be given G2 test at once which I had not gone through it prior to giving the road test. My driving instructor wished me good luck and said that I will have a tough test because there are two instructors sitting in my car instead of normally one. I did Pray to my Lord Saibaba earnestly this time that if I fail then I could not afford to give the test once again as He knows that I am already passing through the great stress and hardship.

I am always in the habit of carrying the Lord Saibaba's locket in my wallet. I took out the Lord Saibaba locket and put it in my shirt pocket. The driving inspectors asked me if I am ready for the test. I said once again to myself and Prayed to the Lord before starting the engine. "O Lord Please Help me to pass this exam". I started the car and inspectors gave me the instructions while driving. At one instance I made a mistake, I thought to myself that I have failed once again. Finally the driving test is completed and the inspectors are holding the discussions among themselves of my result.

To my shock and surprise, the driving inspectors said although I made a mistake 'You have passed the exam'. My happiness knew no bounds . The Lord truly heard my prayers. Thanks to Lord Saibaba for the first stepping stone of success.

Ravinder Thota



I would like to share with you an incidence that happened to our Group this day. I belong to Southern Highlands Sai Group. We all went to a Sai Devotees place at Canyonleigh. There wasn't much of the Sacred Ash. when the time came for everyone to dip into the Ash it was full (not the grey Ash that originally was in the container) but this time it was white. It was great for me, as the others are all followers of Sai Baba. I go because I like their company and I have an open mind, as he was in a Dream I had.

Dorothy WellsÂ




Sai Sampathnath, PamidighantamÂ
Columbus, Ohio, USA

It is since long that I want to write about my experiences and encounters with Baba. It started with miracles, but now I am no longer interested in them but for the feeling of His presence.

I was a non-believer of God, frustrated to the core because of failures in my life one by one. Though termed as intelligent guy and Engineering degree with good ranking, personal failures, job in Public sector and lost opportunities for higher education made me a nervous wreck. I get respite only when I am with a couple of friends or mother.

During this time after four and half years I got a break to work on the field I am interested in - LAN administration, reporting to Executive Director of the company and then to Chairman. I have learnt a lot during this period, were engaged to a girl on one fine Thursday. I got married to Subhadra on Thursday, 8 Jun 1995. I have passed all my CNE papers, final paper on another Thursday in Jan 1995. I was not sure of God at that time.

It all started during 1996 January. Mother and father were staying with me in Bangalore. Subhadra was 5 months pregnant. Immediately after Sankranti, after my brother’s family left back to Hyderabad, mother and Subhadra observed some strange marks in a small Saibaba’s photograph which my earlier roommate had left in our house. They are oily, and Subhadra thought they might have fallen while mother was doing prayers. Our neighbors next day reported to mother that they saw few drops of honey flowing from Shirdi Sai Baba’s photo in their house. Mother was skeptical that such incidents were not heard about Shirdi Baba. To our utter surprise the next day, we have observed that the marks on our Saibaba’s photo actually tasted like honey. I started checking all the photographs at home. I found the same on the other Saibaba photograph that was bigger in size. The flow of honey started at the same spot in each of those photos - from the center of His raised hand, mouth and from turban. My inquisitiveness and the scientific mind made me to experiment. I kept my photograph next to Baba’s, and cleaned both of them. Both of them had a similar smooth surface, so any deposits on them should be same in nature. The result concluded that I am not God.

The honey flow started to increase day by day. Now it started from other Gods’ pictures, photos, and sculpture of any material, and inside the books. It appeared in 5 min to 2 hours on any material having impression of any God even those brought by any outsiders into our house. Sweet smells and scents of incense started, in both office and house. I was horrified. Mother, one day narrated that she heard knock on door, but when she went there, no body was there. However, when he came to other corner of the house two persons, wearing flowing Kashaya robes were moving out from the compound. One of them was very tall, turned back and waved towards her.

Now, it is known to us that Baba is behind us, showing his presence, may be wants to get something done from us. But from whom ? Why he chosen us? In fact who among us : Me, Subhadra, Mother, Father or little Pranav who is still in his mother’s womb.

It is not Subhadra. She left to our in-laws house in Hyderabad for delivery. Baba’s sweet presence is still felt through honey everyday. On Mahasivaratri day mother went to Mysore to have darshan of Sri Ganapati Sachchidanda Swami. She left early in the morning, the whole day there was no honey flow. She came back around 11:30, brought a small Dattatreya idol and kept it on TV. As she was tired, had little buttermilk and went to Bed. I deciding to stay awake on Sivaratri day, was watching TV. Suddenly I observed that the honey is flowing from Dattatreya idol spoiling the cloth on the TV, placed it in a small plate and it filled the plate in no time. Now we are having another problem. People started coming to our house anytime they like to see this miracles. Mother’s concentration is disturbing. Even our Director finance, GMs started coming to our house. One way it was entertaining, but I started fearing for consequences. Even at this point I do not know much about Baba, his preaching and ways to pray. I used to simply sit before Him, stare at Him, and ask Him to give strength to help others as much as I can. Mother is growing spiritually, telling different experiences and miracles each day. Now I know it is mother, whose heart is filled with His name, singing and writing poems and songs, who can enlighten all of us in family. I have decided to give full support to her, giving anything she wants, providing right atmosphere to her. Her only fear now is that Baba may leave her after Ramanavami day (I do not know why!)

Leela of Sainath

Om Sri Sai Ram

Shri Sai leela
 Moolay Shastri of Nasik

An orthodox Agnihotri Brahmin of Nasik, by name moolay Shastri, who had studied the six Shastras and was well-versed in astrology and palmistry, once came to Shirdi to see Mr. Bapusaheb Booty, the famous millionaire of Nagpur. After seeing him, he and others went to see Baba in the Masjid. Baba bought various fruits and other things from vendors with His own money, and distributed them to the persons present in the Masjid. Baba used to press the mango on all sides so skillfully that when any person received it from Baba and sucked it, he got all the pulp at once in his mouth and could throw away the stone and the skin forthwith. Plantains were peeled off by Baba and the kernel was distributed to the devotees, while the skins were retained by Baba for Himself. Moolay Shastri, as a palmist, wanted to examine Baba's hand or palm and requested Him to extend the same. Baba ignored his request and gave four plantains to him. Then, they all returned to the Wada and Moolay Shastri bathed, wore sacred clothes, and started his routine duties, viz. Agnihotra etc.

Then Baba as usual started for Lendi and said - "Take some Geru (i.e. a red miry substance, to dye clothes in saffron-colour), we shall today don saffron-coloured cloth. None understood what Baba meant. Then after some time when Baba returned, and preparations for the noon-Arati were being made. Bapusaheb Jog asked Moolay Shastri, whether he would accompany him for the Arti. He replied that he would see Baba in the afternoon. Very soon Baba sat on his seat, was worshipped by the devotees and Arti commenced. Then Baba said - "Get some Dakshina from the new (Nasik) Brahmin." Booty himself went to get the Dakshina; and when he gave Baba's message to Moolay Shastri, he was sorely perplexed. He thought in his mind thus: "I am a pure Agnihotri Brahmin, why should I pay Dakshina? Baba may be a great Saint. I am not His dependent." But as a great Saint like Sai Baba was asking for Dakshina through a millionaire like Booty, he could not refuse. So leaving his routine unfinished, he forthwith started with Booty to the Masjid. Thinking himself holy and sacred, and the Masjid otherwise, he remained at a distance, and joining his hands threw flowers at Baba. Then lo! all of a sudden, he saw no Baba on the seat, but saw his late Guru Gholap Swami there. He was wonder-struck. Could this be a dream? No, it was not, as he was wide awake; but though awake, how could his late Guru Gholap be there? He was speechless for some time. He pinched himself and thought again, but could not reconcile the fact of his late Guru Gholap being in the Masjid. Ultimately, leaving all doubt, he went up, fell at his Guru's feet and then getting up stood there with folded hands. Other people sang Baba's Arati, while Moolay Shastri chanted his Guru's name. Then casting off all pride of caste and ideas about sacredness, he fell flat at his Guru's feet and closed his eyes. When he got up and opened his eyes, he saw Baba asking for Dakshina. Seeing Baba's blissful form, and His inconceivable power, Moolay Shastri forgot himself. He was extremely pleased, his eyes were full of tears of joy. He again saluted Baba and gave the Dakshina. He said that his doubt was removed and that he saw his own Guru. On seeing his wonderful Leela of Baba all the people, including Moolay Shastri, were much moved, and they realized the meaning of Baba's words, "Bring Geru, we shall don saffron-coloured garment." Such is the wonderful Leela of Baba.

Sai Baba Miracle

Om Sri Sai Ram

In 2009 when many of the Indians in US were effected by recession and many people were sent back to India and the US consulate was being very strict in giving the work permits to any immigrants from India I discovered a fact that my visa was expired since past 2 years. I was on a dependent visa and due to my ignorance I had not applied for the renewal .I was shocked and when I went to homeland security to report that they asked me to apply soon for a new one or go to my home country and get the stamping done. After considering a lot of options I learnt the best one was to go to India and get the stamping done.

It was a emergency situation where I had to leave the country immediately. But to my case none of the airlines were ready to take me as I had problems regarding the visa. Then I did not know what to do as, if delayed more my situation would only get worse. Then I prayed my beloved Sai baba and started reading Shri Sai Satcharita . On the 2nd day that I started reading Shri Sai Satcharitha my husband gave me a good news that Indian airlines were ready to fly me to India. Even during boarding I was scared if found I would look like an illegal immigrant and I could also be deported. My husband being working in US that would be the worse that could have happened in that situation. But by the grace of Baba no problem occurred and I reached India safely and comfortably.

The main problem was now. In the US consulate because the person stamping will look through the history of my stay in US and my visa status. A week before I went to my visa stamping when we were working on the paper work to be done, required for the stamping and also simultaneously I was reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. One evening my mother –in –law said she wanted to go to Sai Baba mandir and asked if I wanted to join. We took a walk to the temple but as it was late evening they had closed the temple. But we could get a very clear darshan of baba through the door which was some iron grills.

We prayed baba and as Baba says we should not go empty handed but offer dakshina when we visit the temple .We planned to put some dakshina to Baba. But the idol was far from us hence we threw the coins on a slab infront of baba's idol.Where, they had carved the holy feet of baba. When I put the coin on this slab there was very less chances that the coin will stay on the slab. As it was small in area and the coin would fall down. But when I put the coin it not only fell on this slab but immediately it jumped to feet of Baba's idol. This was as if there was some magnet in Baba's feet that attracted the coin. Me and my mother in law were stunned by the way it took its way. It was so not normal. We were so happy that Baba accepted our coin. And not to mention next week when I went to the consulate for my visa stamping there were hardly much questions asked and I got the visa and I flew happily to US to my husband.

One more miracle of reading Shri Sai Satcharithra:

After we moved to the new house that I mentioned above, me and my husband had a good life and one fine day one of our old friends called us and told that they were visiting us that night. They were traveling from California to New York ( ie west coast to east cost cross country )and as we lived in the mid of their drive they wanted to halt at my place for one night in our house.

They were a married couple who were struggling due to recession. They were tired of their job hunt in the west coast and hence they wanted to try their luck in east. They had vacated the house and had packed up their whole stuff and left for new place in search of some job.The wife was a on dependent visa and did not work and the husband was out of job for last 9 months.

You can imagine how difficult it is to live in US without salary for 9 months. They came to my house in the night around 7.30-8 pm. As I was speaking to the wife . I mentioned her about Sai Satcharitha which she did not know .Though she believed in Sai baba she did not know bout the Sai Satcharitha. I told her to pray to Baba right away and start reading the Satcharitha as soon as they get settled into a job and house. She immediate went to my pooja room and prayed in front of baba. And miracle of miracle her husband got a call around the same night and had a interview. Which is very unusual to have a interview call that late and the call was not scheduled before either.

Very next day when they were supposed to continue their trip to New york they headed back to California as he got the job confirmed very next day in CA, this was for the same interview that he had the previous night. This was only due to the mahima of Sai baba. Within one hour that she prayed to Baba about reading Shri Sai Satcharitha her husband got the interview call. the thing that they were trying for 9 long months was found in one night due to the grace of Baba. I feel very lucky to have so close to Sai baba. And to have witnessed his miracles. May Sai baba bless all who wishes to walk on right path and follow his Preaching.

Sri Das Ganu

Om Sri Sai Ram

Shri.Ganeshayanamah. Oh Lord Lambodar your form is the Truth. Oh Generous One, you are the Origin. Please hold my hand and help me write. Oh Listeners, please listen to this Sant Kathamrut -a book comparable to spring. The stories of the saints are the mango trees here. They have the branches of miracles performed by the saints. The poetic arrangement is the foliage of the tender leaves and the advice given by the saints is the fruit. I beg you to become a cuckoo and enjoy the sweet juice of the fruit. This book is the Manas Sarovar.

The stories of the saints are the fully bloomed water lilies. The pure honey of advice is contained in them. Oh Listeners, enjoy this honey like humble bumble bees.  He is the Kalpatam (The Divine Tree). He is the ship to cross the ocean of the mundane world, he is very generous. He is the ocean of mercy. He loves his devotees.

Sai's devotees went to Shirdi at the time of Dhanu Sankraman in the month of Pausha. Listeners may think that the Dhanu Sankranti is not as important as the Makar Sankranti. Why should, then, the devotees choose a less important day for the Darshan? On Dhanu Sankranti. people offer the Naivedha to the Sun and take their meals at sunrise. A similar situation is here too. I shall try to explain it to you.Â

The worldly miseries froze the devotees with cold. They donned themselves with the warm clothing of devotion and rushed to see Baba -their Sadguru. Shirdi is the mountain from where rises Sai the Sun. Sai's grace is the dawn. The devotees bathed themselves in the Ganga of faith and went for his darshan. The Lord, then, offered them a meal prepared from Self realization. This is Dhanurmas in Shirdi and hence the devotees gathered in Shirdi in anticipation of the meal. Narayan, the son of Shri.Govind born in the family of Chandorkar Haripant, a pious devotee and a firm believer in the teachings of the Vedas. Beray, Nimonkar, Laxman Maruti and other great devotees gathered there.

All of them sat in the mosque and were as glad as the children are to see their mother. Chandorkar folded his hands in reverance and said, "I asked you a question. Baba: but you did not answer it then. Please tell me why you are annoyed with us and then, explain to us who the God is and where He lives.

Maharaj said. "Nana, anger does not stay in my heart. You are all my children. Whom do I get angry with? Of course, you have the right to show the false anger with me. Had Shri.Venkusa been around, I would also have had shown this kind of false anger expressed to him. Anyway. I have given two discourses to you earlier. You must remember the advice therein and listen to me. If you assimilate the knowledge I have given you earlier, it will equip you with four instruments. When a devotee is equipped thus, then only, the knowledge of Bramhan is related to him for self realization. The ways followed to procure the desired are known as the instruments here. Concentrate on my speech. I will relate those four instruments to you. Remember the subject is very deep.

The first one is the proper understanding of the real and the unreal. This is called Vivek, the reasoning. Second is Vairagya the asceticism. The third is the group of six consisting of Shama, Dama etc. The fourth is the desire for Absolution.Â

Listen to the definition of Reasoning. This deals with the permanent and temporary things. One must have realized that the world is an illusion and Bramhan is the truth. A lot of pure Chaitanya. The visible world is simply, an illusion. Oh Narayan, one cannot believe in it but one experiences its existence. There is no place in this universe devoid of this Chaitanya. One cannot find a single thing devoid of this. My son! It does not have any colour or form. Do not forget this, this is called Bramhan. It is worshipped by Gnanies who are called the realized ones in this world. The Chaitanya contains millions and millions of animals, plants and insects. It is the prime cause for the very existence of the universe and the shapes of these life forms. The Chaitanya envelopes everything. It is without pain. It is truth, knowledge and bliss embodied. We are also not different from it.'

Nana folded his hands and prayed, 'Baba, I have some difficulty in understanding, here. You said the Bramhan is devoid of pain and it envelopes everything. It is blissful too. My Mother, you said everything contains this Bramhan. I, however, find that the world is full of miseries and pain. It is also infinite. I do not see any properties of Chaitanya in it. How can a born-blind see beauty? How can Real Chaitanya live in an illusory thing? If the Soul itself is the life force, then its unity does not exist at all because there are many souls. The pleasure and pain of one soul do not affect others. How can we? Then say that all of them contain the same Chaitanya? Since the bodies are different I feel that the souls are also different."

Baba said, Nana,you make a mistake, here. Now listen to me with full concentration. If we mix red, white, black, yellow, blue, green, violet and crimson colours separately with water and keep these mixtures in different glasses, can the water be different? It gets red colour with red and yellow with yellow. If we separate the colour from the mixture, the colour of the water will not be visible again. In the same manner, after the union of the soul with heart, experience of miseries and pain are caused. Bodies of the animals are different but there is no difference in their souls. All of them have the same soul. Pleasure and pain are the properties of the heart (body). The body, however, is necessary for the soul. Understand this, My Child.

Now, I will analyze this topic so that you will understand it well. My child Narayan, the Chaitanya has three qualities. They are spiritual (Parmarthic), customary (Vyavaharic) and illusory (pratibhasic). They are similar to the three states of the body viz. childhood, youth and old age. The souls who have reached the state of spiritualism are considered as holymen. Those who understand the difference between the right and the wrong and follow" the Shastras are called customary. Those who consider illusion as the truth are called illusory. They are covered with nescience, Nana.

You see an emperor, his officers and his messengers. All of them are due to the existence of the empire. They are all different. The emperor enjoys elephants, palanqines, different vehicles etc. He controls others at his will. His officers have to act according to his orders. Their wishes are dependent on those of the emperor's. The messengers have to execute his orders. Their own will is limited here. The subjects are under the envelope of the power of the emperor.

Everything, the emperorship, messengership and also the subjecthood, are all dependent on this power. This power, however, is different from all of them. When the emperor dies, the power of the empire does not cease to be. We can easily understand the different aspects of this power. He who becomes one with the power becomes the emperor, though the power is independent, everything happens when one is supported by it. Nana, you sit in the chair (of the Secretary) due to the power of the empire. Your peon who swings the fan over your head does so due to the same power. Both of you are there (in the office) due to the same power but you perform different duties. The emperor fully enjoys this power. A part of it is enjoyed by the officers. The peon enjoys even a smaller part of it. The subjects, too, enjoy under its aegis. Thus, the spiritual souls become one with the Bramhan and enjoy complete bliss.

Upon this Nana asked very politely, How can one divide the formless power of the empire into different parts? Once we name the different parts, its nature of being formless vanishes (Hence it contradicts the assumption).

Baba said. “A very good question, Nana! I am very glad you asked it. The power of the empire, certainly, cannot be divided. We, however perceive its divisions (parts). Same is the case with the Chaitanya which appears to be infinite but one perceives its parts. Though one cannot divide it into parts the recipients enjoy it partially according to their abilities. The space occupies small and big pots, utensils and the sky. The containers may have different capacities to fill the space. Does it, then, mean that the space is divided? Nana, understand this. This is the case here too. This is how the soul is. I have explained to you the nature of the Soul.

Whatever we see around us is the trick of the Maya (illusion). This universe is formed by the union of the Maya and the Bramhan.”

Thereupon, Narayan asked, "Who is this Maya? Who created her? What is her nature? You have explained to me that the prime cause for the universe is the Chaitanya. The universe is not different from it. Where does then, this Maya come from?”

Maharaj replied to this. 'Listen to me carefully. I will explain to you how Maya came into being. The very power of the Chaitanya, She had adorned the Chaitanya entirely. You cannot separate them as sweetness cannot be separated from treacle (jaggery). One cannot separate the light from the Sun. The union of these two has created the Universe.

My son this is the case here too. The Sun makes itself known due to its radiance. This similarity exists between Maya and Bramhan. Maya, however is limited but Chaitanya is infinite. Both of them are permanently ancient. Maya is the primal matter and Chaitanya is the soul. Dnanraja (Dnaneshwar) has discussed the soul and Maya in the Amrutanubhav (The Dnaneshwari). I will therefore not repeat it. I will only introduce that spiritual cave to you.

Those who enter that cave stay in there for ever in lasting bliss. They do not come out of it. The soul is the root cause of everything. Maya is the effect. This Maya is very important, Oh Narayan! Maya gives rise to ego which makes one feel one's individuality. When Maya engulfs something one loses the sense of truth. Maya has two qualities. Maya covers everything that exists. What does not exists, Maya makes it appear as if it does. Those are the two things, Maya does. She, thus, confuses everybody. A labourer dreams that he has become a king. Here, his existence as a labourer is, first, covered by the Maya. Though there is no kingship, Maya creates the illusion. Thus, Maya covers the Bramhan and projects a different picture. In fact, this universe does not exist. There is only one true thing and that is the Chaitanya. However, due to the Maya, it appears as the universe. The properties of the universe appear to be true though the universe itself is all illusory. This is what causes inauspiciousness. Therefore you must remove the veil of the Maya and see the Chaitanya with the help of the knowledge. You will find that you are everything yourself. When water loses its turbidity, one sees clear water. Similarly, when the turbidity due to the Maya is removed, the Chaitanya will re-appear clearly. You must worship that reality, Oh Narayan! I have to tell this to everybody.

The soul is the reality. The main purpose of the spiritual knowledge is to explain this principle. You must realize this soul and achieve the absolution in this birth only.
On listening to this sermon, everybody was completely satisfied. They started prostrating before the Lord. Oh children, assimilate what Baba told lovingly to Vaidhya Sathe, Chandorkar, Berey, Nana, Nimonkar, Maruti Laxman and Noolkar. All the devotees said, "Amen' and prostrated before Baba again and again. How can there be the darkness of ignorance where the Sun of knowledge shines?

Oh Sai Maharaj! please accept this child. Please allow Das Ganu to sit by the cool shadow of your grace. Sai Maharaj -the cloud of knowledge showered this nectar in this Shri.Sant Kathamrut. Ganu is requesting you to enjoy this nectar. This is the end of the fifty seventh chapter.

57th Chapter from Shri.Sant Kathamrut by Shri.Das Ganu.

Shree Ganeshayanamah.Oh Lord, you are full of the three Gunas and also devoid of them. You are inside as well as outside the Universe. You are full of Truth, Knowledge and Bliss. You always bless the devotees. You are the beginning. You create the sound and you are the sound too. One cannot separate you from anything. You are behind every auspicious thing. Your form is benevolent. Since I am tied up to you, I need not worry about anything inauspicious. It can not even touch me.

After a few days, Chandorkar went to Shirdi for Baba's Darshan. He prayed at Baba's feet and requested him to kindly continue with his advice. Baba was pleased by this request and said. "Now, I will tell you how to act to reach the state of absolution (Mukta Sthiti) which follows the end of pleasure and pain.

One must keep a balanced mind and always consider what is good and what is bad and accept one's destiny. The natural happenings are one's destiny. Those things that are the results of one's deeds are not a part of one's destiny. Those who steal are punished. This is not their destiny. This is the fruit of their deeds.

A clerk kills his master and takes his place. This also is not a part of his destiny. Then, the crook, on becoming the master enjoys his wealth, moves about in cars, carts and on horse backs and says that he has become happy. He has, infact, sinned by betraying his master. This Karma is added on to his existing Karma. This will cause his rebirth. Wise people understand this, foolish ones can not. His position as a clerk, which he had earned due to his past Karma also remains as a balance for the next birth. Thus, he prepares himself for the next birth. How-can such a person avoid the cycle of birth and death? Death occurs on consumption of poison. This is not destiny. It is the fruit of one's deed.

You see a number of graduates hold high positions, some go around the world and simply deliver lectures, some become Yogis, some run shops whereas some teach children in schools. All the above graduates have taken same efforts but they follow different professions. You will now, understand that this difference is due to their destiny and is not the fruit of their efforts.
Listening to this, Chandorkar said 'Stealing makes one a thief and we say it is the fruit of his deeds'. Is it (profession) not his destiny?

Listen to Baba's reply to the query of the loving devotee. He said, Oh gentle Narayan, You are stretching your imagination and asking me silly questions. There are a number of real thieves but they are acquitted as there isn’t any substantial proof against them. This is their destiny. One thief you find locked up in the jail whereas another is moving about free as a gentleman. Both are responsible for similar deeds but one is locked up and the other is free. Thus, the destiny has nothing to do with what the individuals do. However, the sin of the free moving thief will not go unpunished. This will be the cause for his next birth. I therefore, have to tell you to follow the ethical ways while accepting your destiny.

One must be in the company of righteous people only, avoid even the shadow of the wicked, bad and the undevout ones. One must not eat the prohibited food, should not get involved in disputes or make a false promise. Once you give your word, you should fulfill it without grumbling. Breaking one's promise takes one away from the Lord. If you are overtaken by bodily desires, enjoy with your spouse only. Do not give yourself to the desires by seeing somebody else's wife. Have pure enjoyment with your spouse but within normal limits only. A person with uncontrollable desires does not stand a chance to achieve absolution.

Kama is the mightiest of the six enemies. This one is of a different kind hence one must enjoy oneself with full control over Kama. Tie up the encumberance of reasoning around its neck. Put Kama under control. Don't you ever be controlled by him. One who acts like this should be considered wise. Oh good devotee, limit the six enemies only up to the necessity of their use in your destiny. Have the desire for the name of the Lord, anger against unethical deeds, hope for the absolution, fascination for the ultimate object and hatred towards bad deeds. Win the Lord with devotion. Do not give way to pride. Listen to the glories of holy men, keep the mind clean, respect the learned and the parents. Mother is greater than thousand holy places. Father is worthy of worship. So bow down to him.

Love your brothers and take care of your sisters if you can afford to. Treat your wife with care but don't be henpecked. Consult her in household affairs only. Do not interfere with your son and daughter-in-law's affairs. Do not disturb their privacy. Do not joke with the children. Do not be friendly with the servants. Do not sell your daughter. Do not offer her hand to an old man for his wealth. The son-in-law should be a gentleman and should be suitable to the daughter. These are the principles to be followed while dealing with the world.

To serve one's husband is the Dharma of a lady. There is no other Dharma for the ladies. Husband is her god so, she should have a pure devotion at his feet and she should lead a blissful life. When the husband gets annoyed, the wife should remain calm and polite. One who helps her husband in daily affairs is really, a great lady, the goddess of the house. One who makes her husband suffer is indeed, a bad wife. She is not worthy of even talking to. Ladies should not leave politeness, should not talk to male strangers in solitude. She should not be alone even with her brother.

The body of a woman is a prey to immorality and hence, one should be careful. A goat is a prey of a wolf. So people protect it by keeping it fenced with thorns. This is the rule here too. The female body should be protected by the fence of religious vows. She should satisfy her husband's worldly desires and should be very alert about her children by telling them good stories so as to enable them to follow the path of morality. She should not envy the in-laws and should develop love for a co-wife if any. She should lead an exemplary life and take religious vow if she wants to and follow the instructions of the husband. If the husband dies due to past Karma, she should remain absolutely celibate throughout the life. If she is destined to be a widow, she should not sleep on soft mattresses or wear perfumes. She should try to please the Lord through a vow of fasting on an Ekadasi day and by taking a simple vegetarian diet.

Widows should always listen to religious discourses and should refrain from a diet which can inflame their desires. They should read the holy books, worship with full devotion, think about own religious upliftment and lead an ascetic life. These are the general, principles to be adopted by men and women. The state of being bound, to the cycle of birth and death. {Baddha Stithi) will, automatically, stay away if these principles are adhered to. Now pay attention to me. I am going to explain to you the properties of the state of being bound.

One who does not care for good and evil, who does not respect the Lord and the one, one who does not have good intentions is bound by the cycle of birth and death. One who is crafty, talks bitterly and is a great sinner is also bound. One who does not respect holy men, indulges in worldly affairs, does not think of charity, and is always arguing is certainly, bound. Oh Nana, one who does not repay loans, praises oneself and slanders the holy men and gentlemen is also bound. One who pretends to be a holyman and follows the path of immorality, one who slanders others to glorify oneself is also bound. One who betrays one's friends: who creates enmity with his own Guru, who does not believe in the Vedas is also bound.

One who reads a lot of holy books and recites a number of good sentences but cannot purify his heart is also bound. Such a person can not get absolution, he cannot keep good company and ultimately, he goes to Hell to suffer a lot.

Now I will explain to you the properties of a person who is desirous of absolution (Mumukshu). You must listen to me carefully with faith. One who is sick with the state of being bound, one who knows good from the bad and is keen on meeting with the Lord is a Seeker (Mumukshu).

If a person repents his past deeds can attain absolution even though he was a sinner. A person who is happy with his destined state, one who is afraid of sins, one who does not lie is a seeker. One who is sincere to God, who is polite to holymen and who follows the path of morality is a seeker. One who does not leave good company, even for a moment and whose tongue is busy with the name of Hari is a Follower (Sadhaka).

One who realizes that the worldly desires are poisonous, and who tries, every day to understand the Adhyatma Vidhyas is a follower. One who prays to the Lord in solitude should be called a follower. One who is overpowered with joy while listening to the name and acts of the Lord is a follower. One who does not allow the Lord to escape from his mind and the one who serves the holymen without caring for his own vanity is a follower.

One who considers praise and slander, honour and insult, people and the Lord same, is called a Siddha. One who is not affected by the six enemies, one who is through with his wishes, who considers others as saints, who has no place for suspicion or desire, who has no sense of duality is a Siddha. A Siddha knows that he is the Bramhan. He does not care for the body. He is devoid of pleasure and pain.

I have explained these four states to you. You must think over this. Everything, living and non-living, is a form of the Lord. There is nothing without Him. He is everywhere. Everything is filled with Him. Due to the Illusion (Maya), we cannot understand his existence. You, Madhav, Maruti, Pandharinath, Mhalasapati, Kashinath, Adkar,Haripant, Sathe, Tatya, Ganesh Beray, Venu, Bhalchandra and I are the parts of the Lord. Therefore, no one should hate anyone. One should not 'forget that the Lord is present in even.' person. Knowing this, a person reaches the state of being devoid of enmity. At this state, everything follows automatically. The human mind, then, is unrestrained. One must try to stabilize it.

A fly sits on everything but when it sees fire, it moves away from its direction. Similarly, the human mind is delighted with everything but at the sight of Bramhan (Knowledge) it turns its face away. Oh Narayan, unless this mind is united with the Bramhan, the cycle of birth and death cannot be avoided. One must free oneself from this cycle in this human birth because there is no better chance except in this birth. To stabilize the mind, one must perform Idol Worship though an idol is not the God. When such worship is performed, the mind is concentrated. Without the concentration of mind, it cannot be stabilized. After this, one should read holy books and think deeply and try to act accordingly.

Knowledge of the Soul (Self Realization) is the supreme amongst all the sciences. It is like the Mount Meru amongst the mountains. When one masters this knowledge, absolution walks to him and the Lord Hari becomes his slave. Though the steps for climbing the ladder of this knowledge are difficult. I will tell a simple way for you. Maruti Kaka, Haripant, Beray and other devotees, too, should follow with you to achieve absolution. You must act according to my advice which I gave you and Nimonkar in the past. Everybody should surrender to the Lord and no one else. Have Siddha Darshan regularly with good faith. Due to this merit you will be fully conscious at the time of your death. At that time, with full concentration, think about the Lord only. Think of your own Deity and meditate on Him. When your life ends in this meditation, you will get absolution (Samipata Mukti). As Bannu from Bodhegaon has recently achieved absolution, Adkar and Venu will also achieve it by self realization.'

So saying Baba placed his hand over Chandorkar's head. I pray to Sai Maharaj. Chandorkar folded his hands and bent down at Baba's feet politely and said. "Oh Lord of the Universe. Oh Merciful. Oh my father and mother, you are my sail boat to cross the ocean of obstruction to absolution. You have taken us to the other side of this ocean by giving the Divine Knowledge to us - the ignorant ones. Please shower your grace upon us. Baba assured them, "You are all my devotees. You need not worry-. I always remember you.
The Lord will give you a pleasant abode. He will fullfil all your desires very fondly. Remember, these are My Words.'

Oh Seeta Bedre. know the greatness of Baba. Come along for Baba's darshan. We shall bow down at his feet. Though we are not worthy, even, of his devotee's torn shoes, Baba, the Mother of the orphans (spiritually) will save us. Baba's devotees.

Chandorkar, Haripant and others have gathered today. Baba has arranged a feast for them.

Knowledge, devotion and desirelessness are the dishes he has offered them and he is asking them to have as much as they want. Baba tells his devotees to take whatever they can digest. Let us stand at his door like dogs. Oh, Seeta Bedre! He will throw us a piece. That piece will be sufficient to satisfy ourselves. Rush there Oh Sita! We may not get such a golden opportunity again. Oh readers, you will get the credit of performing one hundred Ashwamedh Yajnas by simply reading this chapter only once.
These three chapters on Sai are like the confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna and the Saraswati in prayag. Take a dip into it says Ganu.

This Shri.Bhakta Leelamrut is narrated truthfully as per my intellegence. Let this save the devotees.This is Das Ganu’s prayer.

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Shri Bhakta Leelamrut - Chapter 31 & 32

Shri Bhakta Leelamrut by Dasganu Maharaj - Chapter 32

Shri Ganeshayanamah. Oh Lord of the Universe. You are idol of bliss. You are merciful, radiant and formless, but you do exist in all forms. Such is your uncomprehensible nature. I cannot understand it oh, my Mother. The Vedas, even, say, "Neither this nor that." The sons of knowledge like Bhrugu, Parashar and Vashishta could not explain your nature. I am just like a glow-worm in their comparison. Whatever may be the case, Oh Lord, please listen to my earnest prayers and enter my body and write this book.

Nanasaheb Chandorkar and Nimonkar, both Sai devotees, once went to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. Nanasaheb fell at Baba's feet and said: "O Sai Maharaj, I am sick and tired of this mundane life. The Shastras say that this world of ours is meaningless, an illusion. Help me. O brother of the helpless, to break the fetters that bind me to this mundane life, the more one looks for happiness in this world, the less one finds it. Misery seems to be man's lot. Wretched hope that springs eternally in us sends us from place to place.. I am sick and tired of it. I do not want to get involved in it."

Baba laughed at this and said:" Where do you get these crazy ideas from, Nana? You really are a simpleton. What you said about mundane life is true but you can not escape it as long as the body exists. Nobody can escape it, not even I". Our mundane life affects the body in various ways," continued Sai Maharaj. "Desire, envy, avarice, pride, hatred and anger are part of our mundane life; so are the senses of sight, hearing and taste. So indeed are our imagination and our bodily needs. They are all inextricably mixed: they are like a mixture the component parts of which are inseparable, like a knot that nobody can untie. People say that one's wife and progeny are also of one's mundane life. You too believe so and find it difficult to get on with them. What with one's wife and children and other relatives like brothers, nephews etc, life is full of problems but you cannot get rid of these."

Nana said, "My previous lives were evidently ordained by the Lord but my concern is with my present one. I do not want any more of it bedeviled, as it is by too many problems, too many woes. Help me to rid myself of this." Baba laughed at these words of Nanasaheb and said. "You are responsible for this life as well. You are the one who caused it. Now, then, can you get rid of it? This body of yours is the fruit of the accumulated karma of the past. Karma is the root cause of all our miseries. All those that are born - whether men, birds or beasts -suffer from the effects of their previous karma. Unless one bums down the effects of one's previous karma, one cannot be rid of the body.

All people, rich and poor, and married ones, sanyasins and vanaprasthas exist because of the life force running through them; so do different kinds of animals like horses, bulls, jackals, tigers, rhinos, hyenas, dogs, pigs, scorpions, snakes, ants, fleas and kites. The same life force runs through all of them. Why, then, do these entities look different? Did you ever ponder this, Nana? If you do you will realize that the reason lies in their past karma.

The animals are different because of their previous karma, their innate characteristics depending on the species they belong to. Thus, tigers eat flesh and pigs eat excreta while hyenas dig out buried bodies and devour them. Kites and vultures feed on rotten bodies while swans eat the tender leaves of lotus plants.

Karma, determines not only the species - specific characteristics of animals but also what happens to some members of the species as distinct from some others of the species in their life-span. Thus, some tigers are lucky to roam free in the forest whereas others are destined to move from door to door at the bidding of their gypsy masters, chained and shackled. The dogs kept by the rich sit on soft mattresses while others roam about in the streets, lingering around houses for a piece of bread. Some cows are treated to good grains, oil cakes and special fodder; some do not get even a straw to nibble and some others have to hang around refuse dumps for food.

Coming to men, some are rich, some poor, some lucky and some mere destitutes reduced to begging. Some have vehicles and horses and some have large houses or palaces to live in while some have to sleep naked in the open. Some have children, some remain childless, some are unlucky to see their children die young and some get heartily sick of their children."

Nana folded his hands and said, "I understand that but what puzzles me is this: why should there be pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow? There cannot be these if one gets rid of worldly affairs."

To this Baba said, "Pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow are illusions. They are not real, although people think them to be real. Thanks to his previous karma, one man feeds on delicacies; another feeds on dry bread; a third gets only stale food or worthless left-overs. Those who feed on stale food or worthless left-overs consider themselves unhappy, while those eating good food say that they have everything they need. The purpose of eating is to quench the fire in the stomach, no matter what one eats delicacies or left-overs. Similarly, the purpose of covering one's body, whether with delicate fabrics woven with gold thread or with rough garments made from the inner bark of trees, is to protect the body; nothing more. Thus, joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure are simply ways of looking at things. They are, as I said, illusions and you should not be deceived by them. Illusory as they are, these feelings cannot exist without a cause just as waves cannot exist without water or light without a lamp.

The six enemies like desire, avarice etc. are the underlying causes. These make one believe that the unreal is the real. When a poor man sees a gold bracelet on the wrist of a rich man, he feels angry. The anger in turn gives rise to envy, the desire to own something belonging to another. One must therefore defeat the six enemies. Once they are subdued they cannot disturb you with joy or sorrow. You need not destroy these enemies completely; you need only to learn to employ them as your slaves, keeping them in check through knowledge or rational thinking.

"There is, however, one real joy and one real sorrow. Being caught up in the cycle of births and deaths is the real sorrow; getting liberated from the cycle is the real joy. All the rest is illusion.

"How then, should one conduct oneself in the world? Listen to what I say carefully. One must be contented with one's lot in life; one must not keep worrying over it. If riches come to you, accept them but be humble, like the trees which bend on being loaded with fruit. It is good to be humble, to be kind and polite but not to everyone. You should learn to tell rogues, who take advantage of the kindness of the rich, and be stern with them. Do not forget, however, that wealth is but the noonday shadow. Do not get puffed up with the power of wealth and harass others. Instead give in charity according to your capacity. One should never borrow and be extravagant. The world may be an illusion but your destiny is not: it is real. You need wealth to conduct your worldly affairs.

Wealth is essential but one should not get entangled in it. Do not be a miser. Be generous but not over-generous. Remember no one will care for you once your wealth is spent. Generosity combined with extravagance is dangerous; avoid it by all means. While giving in charity, consider how suitable is the recipient. Ask yourself: "Is he worthy of your help? Is he in real need? and only if the answer is yes, must you give. The sick and the disabled are worthy of your charity; so are orphans. All public welfare projects are deserving of financial help: so are scholars of merit. Try and help, if you can, poor and deserving women in labour.

"There are three types of feedings: mass feeding, regular feeding and occasional feeding. Mass feeding is feeding people in thousands. You may do this if you are very wealthy and your intentions good. When you mass-feed, you need not differentiate between caste or between good and bad people; all are worthy. Feeding in the name of the Lord also falls in this category. However, you should not undertake some feeding if you have to borrow and get into debt.

Regular feeding, on the other hand, calls for discrimination. Only way farers, mendicants, the worthy poor among students who live by begging their bread, and the hungry deserve to be fed regularly. "Then there is occasional feeding - feeding on occasions like weddings, festivals and the completion of the observance of religious vows. On such occasions you may invite your good friends and relations and feed them. These are the three types of feeding and the reasons behind them. The same holds good for the offering of clothing as well.

"Try to help those in distress whenever your purse permits. When in power, do not misuse it. Do not take a bribe while sitting in judgment on a case. Whatever responsibility is given to you, carry it out well and with due care. Do not dress overly and show off. Do not, without proper reason, insult anyone. Know the bad and the wicked and deal carefully with them. If you are blessed with sons, daughters, servants and maids, treat them all affectionately but do not take pride in these blessings, for such pride is the cause of the cycle of births and deaths. We must finish up with our past store of karma so that nothing is left for us to carry forward. Blessings like sons, daughters etc. are meant for this life only. Where, for instance, are the friends and relatives we had in our past lives? They ceased to be when the lives for which they were meant ceased to be. Desires, on the other hand, bind us from birth to birth and bring about the next birth. Do not therefore take false pride in your progeny, relations or friends. Only then will you get everlasting bliss. We go to a hotel to take shelter there for a short while. We do not get attached to such a temporary dwelling. The world too is but a temporary abode for us.

"Everybody should perform his duties and at the same time remember the Lord, who is full of bliss.

All children on earth were created by the one God but your own child is your responsibility. You must bring him up properly, educate him, give him some money and leave some wealth for him. Do not, however, take pride in his upbringing or education or the wealth you have left him. Do your duty and give the Lord the credit for doing it. Give the Lord the fruits of your duty too. This will help you to remain aloof and detached from worldly activities. Use your intelligence and knowledge to differentiate the good from the bad, accept the good and discard the bad. Take up good projects and make all possible efforts to complete them. You must by no means be apathetic towards the affairs of this world. Do your duties proudly but cast off this pride as soon as they bear fruit.

"As long as life exists, one must take good care of one's body but one should not weep over death. After death nothing exists for you to cry over. Wise men are unmoved by death; it is only the foolish who give vent to their feelings in times of death. The body until its death is a loan from the five elements, which the life force repays. On full and final repayment of the loan, air mixes with air, fire with fire. Thus, the five elements go back to their respective places.

The body belongs to the earth and as such its loss is not a matter for mourning. Similarly the birth of a child need not be a cause for rejoicing, birth being as natural a phenomenon as death. One must simply stay calm, unmoved by birth and death, O Narayan! The earth bears the seed, the cloud waters it and the sun helps the seed to germinate. When the seed germinates, do the earth, the cloud and the sun rejoice and start dancing? Whether the sprout turns into a big tree or it dries up and withers is something that should cause neither rejoicing nor sorrow. If we act in this manner, how can there be any misery or cause for lamentation? The state of absolution is the absence of misery and lamentation.

Baba then told Nanasaheb that we would receive from him more 'upadesh" later. Nanasaheb was very pleased to hear this. His eyes moist with tears of joy and his body full of goose pimples, he caught hold of Baba's feet and said in a voice overwhelmed with emotion."O generous Sai: you have redeemed me. Your "upadesh" has washed away the dust of nescience that had gathered over me. I am deeply grateful to you." Nimonkar was equally overwhelmed. They both fell at Baba's foot and left for their respective homes.

Oh Seeta Bedrey, I told you about the ethical conduct which Baba related to Chandorkar. Anyone who regularly reads this chapter will never be hurt by worldly affairs. Oh devout readers, drink the nectar of ethical knowledge from this Bhakt Leelamrit. This is Das Ganus request to you. Submitted at the feet of Lord Harihar. May God bless us all. This is the end of the 32 chapter.

Om Shree Ganeshayanamah.! I pray to Lord Ganesh 'I pray to Lord Umapati.!!! 0 Lord! I am praying to you in the evening ("pradosh kal"). I am your child and do not ignore me. You have chosen the most pleasant Kailas mountain as your abode. You appeared in the past as angry Veerbhadra when Daksha Prajapati insulted you. O Pashupati, you are always alert to protect your devotees. Why then are you ignoring me 0 Merciful Parvatiraman! May be you think this sinful ignoramus is not worthy of your grace and therefore do not appear before me. O Shoolapani, O Umanath, remember the hunter and forgive me as you have forgiven him. I am your child and pray, do not ignore me.

The devotees of the Lord, no matter what caste they were born in, become one with Narayan. They all belong to one caste only, just as there is only one life force in every heart and only one person, the Lord himself. How then can there be any duality? The devotees do not hold different opinions, nor do they take pride in any particular faith. In the past, great saints like Kamal and Kabir appeared on this earth. Did the Lord think of their caste? The Lord hungers for devotion, which he finds but rarely. He sells himself to the devotee who makes a bid for his grace with pure devotion. All devotees are dear to Lord Hari, no matter what caste or circumstances they are born in.

About twelve miles to the south of the Godavari near Kopergaon, is the village Shirdi. There appeared in that village a very pious Maharaj called Sai Baba by his devotees. Nobody knew where he came from. If anybody asked him where he came from or what his name was, the Maharaj would answer, the answer coming pat like rain after, thunder: "I belong to no place, I am Nirguna. But bound as I am by karma I got this form- this body of mine. The universe is my abode. Brahma is my father and Maya my mother, and they gave me this body." His heart, however, was always full of bliss. He knew the world is mortal. This Maharaj brought off a number of miracles. I cannot describe all of them here.

Shirdi was a very small place in those days with just a few small shops dealing in groceries of everyday .

The Maharaj used to go round and get oil from the grocers, with which he lighted every evening a number of oil lamps in the mosque and in the temples -his daily ‘Deepotsava'. One day, the grocers, tired of giving oil gratis, decided to refuse as a body. They lied to him saying they had no oil. Baba was surprised that the grocers found it so easy to tell him a lie.

People tell lies, degrade themselves and move away from the Lord, falling eventually under the weight of their own karma. A liar is among the worst of sinners. One who always tells the truth attains the Lord. Truth is the path to salvation. Even penance and japa cannot match it. Truth is the river of bliss. One should stick to truth.

The Maharaj said nothing to the grocers. He went back to the mosque and performed a miracle. He set the earthen lamps all round the mosque and put wicks in them. The grocers, who had followed him, stood watching. "How can the lamps burn without oil?" they said to one another. "The man must be down-right mad; he is thinking of lighting the lamps without oil. Can any sane man think of maternity for a sterile woman? Sure he is a mad man, a leader of the ignorant."

Nanasaheb Dengale, a Sai devotee, did not agree with them. He said to them, "You are all blind. Do not despise him like that. Shree Hari knows what powers this man has. If a diamond lies in a heap of stones, would you call it a stone? Keep quiet for a while and see what the Fakir does now. Don't make hasty statements."

There was a little oil in Baba's tin can just enough to light one small lamp. Baba put some water in it and drank the mixture.

He then filled the oil lamps with water and lighted them and lo and behold, the lamps burned, as with oil. Awed, Dengale fell at Baba's feet. The people of Shirdi seeing this miracle, began to wonder about Baba's powers. They said that God himself had incarnated in Shirdi. They came all together, fell at Baba's feet and said: We have sinned against you. Forgive us our sin. You are our dear mother and we your children. 0 merciful one, please do not be angry with us. You are Mercy, Knowledge, Virtue and Peace embodied in human form" Baba then said to them, "Listen to me carefully. Act in such a way that the Lord will be pleased with you. Never tell lies. Be truthful always. Never deceive anybody. Spend your wealth on good causes according to your capacity. You will be benefited and meet Narayan in the end. Remember my words and act accordingly." Chastened, the people of Shirdi bowed down to Baba and went back happily to their homes.

Sai Maharaj was a great yogi. One cannot narrate all his leelas, which are beyond human comprehension.

Here is a leela described to Chitambar by Dengale (the Sai devotee referred to earlier). Baba's bed was a wooden plank measuring 15 cms by 150 cms. The plank was suspended from the ceiling of the mosque (where Baba lived) by means of old rags. The mosque itself was in ruins so that even the lizards had deserted it. The plank hung so close to the ceiling that no one could sit upright on it - one could sit on it only by bending one's body like an arch. The plank was so fragile that it would give way if one just stepped on it. On such a bed Baba used to sleep keeping oil lamps burning on either side. Those who did not believe this went to the mosque to see for themselves and found to their amazement that the report was true.

Word of the miracle went round and people began crowding near the mosque at night to see it but of idle curiosity or just for fun. This annoyed Baba and one day he broke the plank to pieces and got rid of the nuisance. Soon Baba's fame spread far and wide and people came in hundreds to the mosque so that he might bless them and fulfill their wordly desires. Shirdi became a place of pilgrimage like Varanasi because of Baba and became known all over. As the soil derives its importance from the flower in bloom, the socket from the diamond studded in it, a piece of cloth from the golden thread woven in it, so Shirdi became an important holy place because of Sai Maharaj.

Once Narayan Govind Chandorkar, known as Nanasaheb went to Shirdi for Baba's darshan, accompanied by Ramdas Haridas from Wai, Bapu Nagarkar and Kangaonkar.

Ramdas Haridas was to perform a kirtan in Nagar the following day so he was impatient to leave Shirdi and told the others that they should leave with him immediately "Enough of this darshan " he said. "Let's hurry up and catch the train to Nagar", Baba told Nanasaheb to stay a while, have his meal at Shirdi and then go to Nagar. Hearing this Nanasaheb became relaxed and set about making arrangements for food with Kangaonkar. Ramdas on the other hand, restless as ever said to Bapu Nagarkar, "I have to perform the kirtan in Nagar tomorrow. Enough of this mad fellow. It is all right for Nanasaheb; he has plenty of money . I'll have to beg in the streets if I follow Baba. I cannot earn a paisa here. Let's go to the station and catch the next train to Nagar".

They left accordingly leaving Nanasaheb and Kangaonkar in Shirdi. Sai Maharaj then said to Nanasaheb; "Look at these people. In their selfishness they desert even their companions. Remember Nana, to take with you only such companions as will stick with you till the end of the world. A man's companion must be like fragrance to the flower." After the two had their food. Baba said to Nanasaheb," You may leave now but remember what I told you. There is still time for the train to arrive." Nana bowed down at Sai's feet and left for the railway station. There they found Bapu Nagarkar and Ramdas waiting for the train. They had no food and were feeling hungry. Seeing Nanasaheb, they hung their heads in shame. In reply to Nanasaheb's query, Nagarkar said ruefully, "Today the train is late by three hours. We hurried to the station disobeying Sai and here we are dying of hunger, enjoying the fruit of our disobedience. You did the right thing, while we made fools of ourselves."

Appa Kulkarni of Shirdi was a great devotee of Sai Baba. He was once charged with embezzling government money, may be because of his past karma. God alone knew whether the charges were true or false but people started whispering that Appa was a cheat. Appa was scared that he might be taken to court and tried. Soon, sure enough, he received summons from the Deputy Collector asking him to face a court of enquiry. Appa feared that he would never return to Shirdi once he left the place, so before leaving, he went up to Baba with folded hands and pleaded for help. "You are a Sadhu, a Satpurusha. You know whether the charge is true or not. I do not wish to say anything about it but please save me." He caught hold of Baba's feet and started weeping. He then went on to say; "People say I am your Kalyan.(Kalyan was Saint Ramdas' closest disciple). If I were sentenced, your name would be tarnished, You are my father and mother, my sole refuge."

Moved by the Bhakta's earnest pleas. Baba said to Appa, "The Deputy Collector is at present at Nevasa on the banks of the river Pravara. There, in Nevasa, is present the Lord himself, to whom Dyaneswara prayed while writing the Dynaneswari (Bhawartha Deepika). Pray to him before you present yourself at the court of enquiry." Appa did accordingly, and what a wonder! He was acquitted of the charge of embezzlement and his honour vindicated. The next day Appa returned to Shirdi and told Baba everything. Baba said to him, "The Lord controls everything. He turns the impossible into the possible."

Narayan Krishna Penshe did not believe in Sai Baba but his wife -Mai did. She had a keen desire to go to Shirdi and have Baba's darshan. She pleaded with her husband to take her to the holy man of Shirdi but in vain. "My dear" said Penshe, "there is no holy man in Shirdi. There is only a mad Muslim fellow cheating the foolish people who consider him a saint. Don't insist on having the darshan of such a person. He is simply a beggar who lives off the alms obtained by begging from door to door. The lady was very much disappointed. However, once Penshe happened to go to Shirdi with his wife in the ordinary course of his official work, and while he was busy attending to his duties, his wife went and had Baba's darshan. She was filled with bliss on bowing to Baba. On her return home she told, her husband of her experience and urged him to go and pray to Baba instead of slandering him. Thereupon Penshe went to have Baba's darshan. Seeing him approach the mosque, Baba picked up a stone and shouted at him, "I'll hit you if you come forward. I am a mad low caste Muslim while you are a high-caste Brahmin. Beware of coming near. You'll lose your piety."

Hearing the echo of his own words, Penshe realized that Baba is omnipresent. He said to himself "We talked about him at home and yet he knew what had passed between us. He knows everything. He is present everywhere like air," Later Penshe sought the help of Appa Kulkarni and secured Baba's darshan.

A few days after this incident, Sai Maharaj casually said to Appa, "Thieves have come to our village. They are not the ordinary run of thieves. They do not steal anything tangible from the house. Their eyes are set on the most valuable part of one's wealth. What is more, nobody can catch them in the act of stealing. They will be attacking you first. Go and make proper arrangements ." Appa did not understand the meaning of these words. However, he hired some Bhils to guard his house and patrol the lanes.

At night Appa fell ill with cholera. He suffered from loose motions and vomiting. His body grew cold, his eyes sank deeper and deeper and his pulse became weaker. Seeing his condition Appa’s wife got frightened, rushed to the mosque, fell at Baba's feet and started crying. She said to Baba that her husband was dying and asked for Udhi to save him. Baba said in reply "Do not grieve".

Death awaits all those that are born. Birth and death are deeds of the Almighty. No one lives or dies here. If you see with the eye of knowledge, you will realize you are no different. When the clothes become old and frayed, you throw them away. In the same way, the soul, which is immortal casts off the worn out body. Do not therefore, ask for "Udhi to patch up the old rags. Do not stop him from going. Let him leave. He has reached his life's goal. He will go to heaven. He is right now-changing the clothes before me ". Thus saying, Baba sent her home and Appa died soon after. The next day a couple of more people went down with cholera. The people of Shirdi were frightened and begged Baba to stop the scourge from spreading. Baba said to them. "Only seven people will die of cholera and after that Shirdi will be rid of the disease." Exactly seven people died of cholera in Shirdi. Baba's prediction came true to the last word.

Kondya Sutar was a devotee of Baba who loved Baba in his own special way. One day Baba asked Kondya to go to the Khalwadi (the place where the harvest is threshed) and put out the fire there. He said that the central stack of the harvest. had caught fire. Frightened, Kondya rushed to the Khalwadi and made anxious enquiries but found no signs of fire. Returning, he complained to Baba saying that he had been put to unnecessary trouble and that his feet were scorched through walking in the hot sun. Baba replied," Listen. My words are never untrue. Look behind you and see the smoke for yourself. The harvest stacks lie close together in a heap but the central stack is on fire." It was a summer afternoon and a sprightly wind was blowing. Trees were breaking and roofs were flying. "Fire! Fire!" shouted the people of Shirdi as they rushed to Baba and begged him to save the harvest and thus save the people and the cattle of the village from hunger and death. Moved by their appeal. Baba got up at once and went to the 'Khalwadi." He poured water around the central stack which was on fire. He then said to the villagers. "Only this stack will burn. This one is the share of Agni. Do not try to extinguish the fire. No harm will come to the other stacks." Baba's words came true. By saving the rest of the stacks, Baba demonstrated his power over Agni. All the five elements are in fact under the control of holy men like Baba. In the evening people came for Baba's darshan, Nanasaheb among them, Baba said to Nana, "O Nana, look at these greedy people. Today the harvest of the Bhagchand (the owner of the central stack) burned down to ashes, and here he is moaning his loss. Gain and loss, birth and death are all under the control of God. These foolish people do not realize this. They dance with joy when they gain and start crying when they lose. The joy as well as the sorrow comes of a feeling of ownership but it is meaningless to claim ownership. The burnt-down stack did not belong to the Marwadi. It consisted of hay which came into existence from seeds borne by the earth. The cloud watered them and the sun kneaded them into shape with his own hands. Thus, the earth, the cloud and the sun are the real owners of the stack. All things in this world are produced in this manner. We certainly are not their owners. Nana, ask the Marwadi why he is weeping over the loss of something which was never his and worrying me in the bargain. What the Lord gives with one hand, he takes away with the other. In our ignorance we think we are the owners of things and this sense of ownership is the root cause of our joy and sorrow. Shethji, go home now in peace. You will make good your loss in some other business."

Everybody was pleased to listen to this discourse. Nanasaheb his face radiant with joy and peace, bowed down and said to Baba: "O Lord! You are like the moon while we devotees are like the chakor birds. You are the ocean of knowledge. Kindly remove our ignorance. Tell me who is God. Where does he live? What should one do to meet him? If this world is unreal why should one get involved in it? Please explain these things to me." Baba said, "I shall explain everything to you some other time."

Ganesh Vishnu Berey, a district inspector in the department of agriculture, was another Sai devotee like Chandorkar. He went to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. As he bowed down, Baba told him to leave Shirdi immediately. "Don't waste even a single minute. Drive your tonga fast and reach Kopergaon as early as you can." Obeying Baba, Berey left Shirdi at once. Another tonga was following Berey's. The owner of the tonga suggested to Berey that he should ride slowly so that the two tongas could go together. Berey paid no attention to this request and drove very fast. He soon crossed the Godavari and reached Kopergaon station, where he learned that the other tonga had been stopped by highwaymen and its passengers robbed and beaten up. A grateful Berey prayed to Baba thanking him for saving him from this calamity.

Haripant was a devout Brahmin from Pune. He was kind-hearted and believed in good deeds. He was rich but childless. He wished to become an "agnihotri' but he could not do so as he was a widower. People advised him to remarry but Haripant would not listen as he was already in his fifties. "I would become a laughing-stock," he said, "If I were to marry at my age, I am just not worthy enough to be a father. That is all. If, however, any saint tells me to remarry, I may."
Sometime later, Haripant went to Shirdi. No sooner did he bow down to Baba than he said, "Haribau, get married soon. Lord Shankar will give you a child and fulfill your heart's desire." Having secured a saint's permission to many, Haripant now wanted to consult an astrologer. He came to know of a famous astrologer in Nagar. Haripant consulted him and after getting the go-ahead from him. He got remarried with the blessings of Baba. Needless to say, he became a staunch devotee of Sai Baba.

I now bow down to Sai Baba. He is Grace and Knowledge personified and He fulfills the desires of his devotees. All our difficulties will be overcome if we but remember Sai's feet. He is ever ready to shower his grace on us. Those who listen to this Sai Charitra will be saved by the Lord. In the next chapter I shall recount the advice given by Sai Baba to three persons. By listening to that one will gain all the four purusharthas. O dear devotee, listen to these childlike words of Das Ganu. Offer your forehead at the feet of Sai Baba and he will fulfill all your desires. If anyone recites Sai Charitra, his sins will be burnt down and he will receive the protection of Narayan. This is Baba's holy 'charitra" from Shree Bakta Leelamrit. AH you devotees,drink from it to your heart's content.

The Cup of Tea

Om Sri Sai Ram

A Cup Of Tea Arranged For Nanasaheb By Shirdi Sai Baba

Nanasaheb Chandorkar, an ardent and staunch devotee of Sai Baba, needs no special introduction since in Shri Sai Satcharitra there are many instances wherein his name has been referred. Devotees who were fortunate to be living in Baba's times were indeed incarnations of Almighty, otherwise how could they take birth when Baba was in bodily form on this earth. Stories of such incarnations are really wonderful which contains messages for us from Sai Baba.

We are aware of an incident wherein Nanasaheb Chandorkar's thirst was satisfied by Baba Who appeared to him as a woodcutter. Now another more interesting incident of the same kind is being shared in this post. It is very well known that Nanasaheb was of spiritual intellect and thus any place of worship attracted his attention and earnest desire to go for darshan of any deity was always present in him. He had immense faith in Baba and Baba too reciprocated his faith. As a part of his complete surrender, Nanasaheb never doubted Baba's words. In fact, his immediate actions were to abide by Baba's words bearing full confidence that whatever Baba will do, will be best for him.

Lord Ganesha temple was situated in deep forest of Padmalay and to reach there one had to cross the forest. The temple was about 10 miles from the nearest railway station. Nanasaheb, serving as a Deputy Collector, a very respectable position in those days, had made all arrangements for reaching there. But when he reached the point of starting, he did not get any conveyance to reach the temple because train was late by few hours. On reaching the station in evening with his friends, due to unavailability of any other means of conveyance, he decided to cover the distance of 10 miles by walking. By the time they all reached mid-way, it was already nine at night. As per practice, authorities of the temple leave for their homes at about nine or ten at night. So a wave of worry passed in Nanasaheb's mind whether they will be allowed to enter the temple or not, let alone having darshan. After walking for more one-two miles, i.e. covering total of 6-7 miles of their journey, Nanasaheb was felt hungry. He said to Baba mentally, "Baba, i will not ask more from You, but please take care to provide atleast a cup of tea on completion of this journey, so that my hunger is appeased". Saying these words to Baba, Nanasaheb started walking towards his destination with double speed.

At about eleven, they reached near the temple and saw doors of the temple open from a distance and the priest when seeing few men nearing the temple, shouted right from his place, "Is Nana coming"? It was considered to be an insult as a person of such high profile position was being called by his short name. But Nanasaheb was not angry at this, instead he was very happy and replied, "Oh, how did you come to know that Nana is coming?"

Priest answered, "I received an aerial message from Sai Baba saying - My Nana who is thirsty, hungry and tired is coming to you. Please serve him with a cup of tea. Come on, tea is ready for you all". Thus Baba takes care of His dear devotees at any time and at any place.

The History Of Samadhi Mandir

Om Sri Sai Ram


The Shrine which houses Baba’s Samadhi was originally constructed as a Wada (large private house) during Baba’s last years in his physical body. It is built on the land that Baba had tended as a garden. Sai Baba seemed to like growing plants and in his early days he cleared and levelled this land, which had been used as dumping ground. Using seeds that he had brought from Rahata, he planted it with jasmine and marigold. For about three years Baba would water the plants every day and distribute the flowers to the local temples.

The Shrine was built by Shri Gopalrao Mukund Butty (Bapusaheb Butty), the famous multi-millionaire of Nagpur. He was introduced to Sai Baba by a Lawyer from Nasik "Shri Sakharam Balwant Dhumal", about ten years before Baba’s Mahasamadhi.

Shri Sakharam Balwant Dhumal

Once an idea arose in Bapusaheb Butty's mind that he should have a building of his own there. Sometime after this, once while he was sleeping in Dixit's Wada, he got a vision. Baba appeared in his dream and ordered him to build a Wada of his own, with a temple. Shama who was sleeping there, got also a similar vision. When Bapusaheb awoke, he saw Shama crying and asked him why. Shama replied that in his vision Baba came close to him and ordered distinctly - "Build the Wada with the temple. I shall fulfill the desires of all. Hearing the sweet and loving words of Baba, I was overpowered with emotion, my throat was choked, my eyes were overflowing with tears, and I began to cry." Bapusaheb was surprised to see that both their visions tallied. Being a rich and capable man, he decided to build a Wada there and drew up a plan with Madhavarao (Shama). Kakasaheb Dixit also approved of it. And when placed before Baba, it was sanctioned immediately.

Shri Gopalrao Mukund Butty (Bapusaheb) Shri MadhavRao Deshpande (Shama)

The construction started around 1915. It was built in stone and was therefore known as Dagadi (stone) Wada. But Baba had mentioned about this construction in 1913 itself to Narke. Sri Butty, with the help of Shama, Kaka Saheb Dixit and others, had procured the material required for the construction of the Wada, and engaged the required workers. Shama was supervising the work. The underground structure, the outside structure and digging of the well were completed. Baba also saw the construction work daily on his way to Lendi Bagh and back to the mosque. Sometimes, Baba would indicate some alterations and give some suggestions. Slowly the workers also developed devotion and faith in Baba. They saluted Baba every day before the commencement of work and also at closing time. The building material and the implements were taken care of by Bapu Saheb Jog. With Baba’s blessings, the building rose quickly .

Then Shama asked Baba whether it was the auspicious time to begin the foundation-work of the Shrine's central room. Baba gave an affirmative reply and so Shama immediately fetched and broke a coconut as Mahurat (good omen) and the work was begun. The foundation was quickly laid, and while the pedestal was being prepared, an idea struck Bapusaheb Butty's mind that in the center an Idol of Murlidhar (Lord Krishna with the flute) be installed. He asked Shama to refer this matter to Baba and get His consent. So Shama asked Baba about this when Baba was just passing by the Wada. Baba declined to give permission, stating that

"After the temple is complete I will come there to stay" and staring at the Wada he added - "After the Wada is complete, we shall use it ourselves, we shall live, move and play there, embrace each other, and be very happy."

On another occasion, Baba sat cross-legged on the "Base" constructed for installing Sri Krishna’s idol. Butty once again asked Baba’s permission to get the idol prepared - Baba asked whether he was not Sri Krishna. He told Butty to wait patiently for some time, saying that the idol could be installed afterwards. Nobody could understand the inner meaning of Baba’s words.

Then on 28th September`1918, Baba got a slight attack of fever which lasted for a couple of days, but afterwards Baba gave up his food and thereby he grew weaker and weaker. Butty felt dejected, wondering whether Baba would live to even see the completed wada, never mind grace it with his presence. The whole construction seemed pointless to him if Baba was not going to remain there in his body. However, Baba was to move into the Wada in a way that had not been foreseen by others. Baba's health rapidly deteriorated and on Tuesday 15th October`1918, Baba told that He did not feel well there (in the Masjid) and that He should be taken to the Dagadi (stone) Wada of Butty, where He would be alright. Saying these last words, He leaned on Bayaji's body and at about 02:30 p.m Baba breathed His last. (Vide Professor G.G. Narke's letter, dated 05th November`1918, to Dadasaheb Khaparde - Leela magazine, Page 78, 1st year).

After a few hours, the question as to what to do with Baba’s mortal remains arose. Some Muslims requested that the body of Sai Baba be kept in Samadhi, outside the mosque in the open space. Khushal Chand and Amir Shakkar also supported this. But the village officer, Mr.Ramachander Patil took a firm decision that Baba’s Samadhi should be in Butty Wada only. Discussion regarding this went on till Wednesday. Finally, paying due respect to Baba's last words, everyone decided to place Baba's body in the Wada itself. Then in the evening around 04:00 pm, it was decided to bathe Baba's body which was kept on a handcart the whole night. When they tried to remove Baba's Kafni, the hands bent as usual. In ordinary cases the limbs cannot be bent as they stiffen. Baba’s body was laid on a big table before Dwarakamai, and potfuls of water were poured on the body with devotion. After that they spread a white cloth on the body and put flowers, sandalwood and akshatas (rice) over the cloth. A grave, 6 feet in length was dug in Butty Wada’s central portion. The body was taken into Butty Wada in procession to the sounds of various musical instruments. First, the broken brick of Baba was broken into smaller pieces and put in the grave, over that soft beds were spread. Dixit, Butty, Shama and Mahalsapati slowly lifted the body. A few of them got into the grave and from below caught the body and it was slowly lowered . The head side went down first. The entire body was lowered and rested on the soft beds. Rose water and perfumes were sprayed on the body.

Thirty-six hours after he had left his body, Baba was finally interred. Certain personal articles were buried with him: the broken brick, now mended with gold and silver wire, one of his satkas, a chillum, needle and cotton (Baba would mend his clothes until they were a mass of repairs, a cause of affectionate amusement among devotees), some spices to preserve the body, and an old cloth bag containing a green kafni and a cap, which Baba never allowed anyone to touch.

The burial was completed by early Thursday morning. At 05:00 pm in the evening, after the Samadhi, Bapu Saheb Jog and Laxman Mama gave Sandhya aarti in Butty temple for the first time on 16th October`1918. Nanavalli, who was like Baba’s life, watched the Samadhi from a distance. He stopped taking food from that day and died on the 13th day. Das Ganu, after reaching Shirdi on Thursday morning, did sankeertan for two days near the Samadhi of Baba and he fed a large number of people. Baba Saheb Bhate and Upasini Baba of Sakori Ashram performed the last rites of Baba . Where Butty wanted to install the idol of Sri Krishna, Baba’s Samadhi came up. This way Baba became Muralidhar.

A Committee was formed to manage Sai Baba's Samadhi, comprising of 15 members with Shriman Bapusaheb Butty as the Chairman. Butty employed G.K.Dixit to take care of Baba's Samadhi. The conduct of the Gurupurnima festival was the responsibility of Bapusaheb Butty after whom his sons conducted this festival till 1940, and since 1941, the Sansthan has been conducting this festival, the sons of Butty were then contributing Rs.100/- as part of the expenses. A Photograph of Sai Baba was placed on a Throne on the platform of the Samadhi. It remained there until the statue was installed in 1954. Blessed and fortunate is Bapusaheb Butty in whose Wada lies the holy and the pure body of Baba. The Butty Temple with Baba’s Samadhi in it had become the holiest of the holy places, fulfilling the prayers of millions of devotees.

The Lord's Pastimes

Om Sri Sai Ram

On an Ekadasi day Kusa Bhav (i.e., Krishnaji Kasinath Joshi of Mirzgaon) sat by Baba's side.

Baba: What do you eat to-day?

Kusa: Nothing. Today is Ekadasi.

Baba: What does "Ekadasi" mean?

Kusa: A day for "Upavasa"

Baba: What does Upavasa mean?

Kusa: It is just like "Rojas"

Baba: What is Rojas?

Kusa: We fast, i.e., do not eat anything except Kanda Moola. (Meaning sweet potatoes etc.,)

Baba: Oh, Kaanda (i.e., onion) you eat. Well, here you have onion. Eat it.

Kusa: (finding Baba forcing on him unorthodox food) Baba if you eat it, I will eat.

Baba ate some; and Kusa Bhav ate some, and then visitors arrived. Baba wished to have some fun.

Baba: Look at this Bamniya (corrupt and contemptuous form of the word Brahmin). He eats onion on Ekadasi.

Kusa: Baba ate it and I ate it.

Baba: No. I ate Kanda, i.e., sweet potatoes. See.

Baba then vomited out sweet potatoes.

Kusa Bhav seeing the miracle, voraciously swallowed the potato as prasad. Baba beat him and said:

"Rogue. why do you eat the vomit?

But Kusa Bhav did not mind the blows. Baba's heart melted.

Baba: (placing a palm on Kusa's head) I bless you. Think of me and hold forth your Palms. You will have my prasad.

KUSA BHAV now holds up his empty palms and WARM UDHI (BABA'S PRASAD) falls from it, and this is given as BABA'S PRASADA UDHI by Kusa Bhav.

The Sadguru

Om Sri Sai Ram

" When truth is stranger than fiction'

The Upanishads

"Behold, it came to pass that the dumb spoke and the dead come back to life"

- The Bible


As if to prove paradoxically that the law of compensation works itself out to perfection in nature, the handsomest of my children, a boy, and the most cheerful withal, was born dumb. This was confirmed when he failed to gain the power of speech as he grew up to complete his fifth year. His heroic efforts to make himself understood through gestures and unintelligible blabber only lent poignancy to the situation, Yet, he was the least perturbed. It was an object lesson in philosophic reconciliation. Being feminine in my attitude to life and, thus though endowed with the characteristics resilience to bear "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune", I could not help giving way to tears every time I saw him. It was the optimism of my wife, Kamala, derived from her unflickering faith in Baba's never failing Grace, that helped me sustain myself. She was never tired of iterating and reiterating the incredible miracles worked by Baba in our life: how He had helped me in a hopeless condition to regain health: how His Vdhi' (Vipudhi), the sacred ash, from the perennial fire (dhuni) at Shirdi first kindled by His Yogic power, and used as a panacea for all bodily and mental ills, had enabled her without any medical help to deliver her twin child in a matter of seconds, though the seasoned midwife had averred it would not be for another six hours; how He had re-incarnated Himself and came as Bikshapati to revive our dead first-born son, aged ten years; how He had enabled me to obtain employment in the Central Government though I was past 42 years, and retain it in the face of difficulties inherent as well as created by jealous elements; how He was continuing to fulfil Himself according to His Charters granted for all time to His children, by saving us from want and imminent dangers time and again, and so on, and so forth.

All this was, no doubt, true. But I was a doubting Thomas, besides being a vertiable woman at heart, wanting and in need of constant and renewed proof of the Solicitude of my Lord and Master at every stage.

Thus, I felt that in this boy's case something had gone wrong somewhere. Else, why this tantalization in His fulfilling the first half of the Upanishadic Axiom when He had so readily rushed in answer to my challenge to fulfil, the other half? If the dead could be made to come back to life, then what could stand in the way of the dumb being made to talk? Of course, I was aware of the Biblical Dictum that the sins of the fathers are visited on their children. Thus, it may be that some past bad 'karma' of mine had descended as the curse of dumbness on this innocent boy. Even so, how many a time has He not rescued His devotees by transmuting their accrued sufferings resulting from 'runanubandha' into lightly borne ones, or, not un often, taken them upon Himself and sublimated them? I could not forget the fact that spiritually I am wedded to Him, my Lord and Master, and have taken refuge in Him. In the words of Robert Southey,

"In Him I take delight in weal,

And seek relief in woe;

And whenever I understand and feel

How much to Him I owe,

My cheeks are often bedewed

With tears of thoughtful gratitude!"

(with apologies to Robert Southey for changing 'them' into Him)

In the spiritual sense, there is no alternative to being prepared, to be passive, naked and unashamed! The beauty is the LOVED ONE does not let it come to pass. Is this not the lesson to be learnt from the wonderful manner in which He saved Draupadi's threatened nakedness? "Even as obedience to an earthly ruler makes life under it easier, mute and humble submission to the Divine will makes life on earth easier".

However, all this wisdom was yet a long way off. For the time being, I could not free myself from a nagging doubt that the boy might for ever be condemned to a silent existence. But my wife had no qualms at all about his being able to speak in God's own good time. With a woman's instinct, she knew this in her heart. I now realise that I was like a forward child crying 'mother, mother' while being in her lap all the time! I was yet to be familiarised to Baba's wonderful' 'Sutradhaari' ways; yet to learn to be content to remain wherever and in whatever capacity or circumstances He chooses to place me; yet to appreciate that what is, is the best; that, in His infinite Wisdom as the Great mathematician, He sees to it that the sum total of a person's happiness and misery is always 'K' (a constant) whether a saint of a sinner; a nawab or a fakir; man, woman or child; yea, any living creature for that matter!

Now, to hark back to the scene to see how Baba in inscrutable Wisdom designed to convert the gloom of despair into the bloom of hope-fulfilled. As my son was entering his sixth year, we were shifting to a different house, now he had become like the favourite lamb of the shepherd perched on his shoulder. Holding him by my left and with Baba's portrait in my right, as I was setting my

foot on the first step, Baba alone knows from where, a black. dog appeared, and, coming close, licked him. It occurred to my mind later that a black dog has been instrumental in one of Baba's Leelas. In my eagerness and anxiety to pacify hjm lost sight of the fact that he had spoken! The others were somewhat behind me. Presently, when all of us were in, as is our custom on entering a house for residence for the first time, we offered freshly boiled milk with sugar to Baba and worshipped Him. As soon as we had partaken the 'Prasaadam', wonder of wonders! The boy began to speak, the words tumbling out of his mouth, vying with one another WORDS! Oh, how they came; brothers and sisters, nephew and nieces, uncles and aunts, even distant cousins, in truth the whole tribe of them came, thus constituting in the course of an hour the full vocabulary of a normal five year old boy, flabbergasting all of us, making us astonished and delighted by turns! Then, all at once, I felt the full impact of Baba's incredible 'Leela'. It was too great for words. I could only "Let my blood speak in my veins".

Glory be to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba - Grace be to all

The Sweet Saviour

Om Sri Sai Ram

I would like to narrate an experience in our lives that shows that Baba is God incarnate. 2 years back, when our family life was in trouble, my wife suspected she would have got pregnant. We went to a doctor for confirmation 2 weeks after that. The doctor scheduled for a scan and asked us to get the reports. We got the scan done and were waiting for the doctor' advise. After some 15 mins of discussion, the doctor came out and said the scan has been done and the result is of concern. The doctor explained that the Fetus is 6 weeks old and has stopped growing inside the womb since 2 weeks and it is a case of abortion. We were shell shocked. It was the first pregnancy and my wife was heart broken. Tears welled up in her eyes. I asked the doctor to double check. The doctor was a very experienced old woman and head of the Gynecology dept at the Hospital/University. To comfort us she did the scan again and showed us that there is no pulse and according to the dates, by now the Fetus should have a pulse and growing. She asked us to go for an abortion and advised us that it's okay for us to wait for a week and then come back for the abortion.

We left with heavy hearts. All the way back home my wife was inconsolable. I could not do anything. I just prayed to god and accepted the situation.

Suddenly I felt I should take a second opinion. After a week we went to another lady doctor, who was also equally experienced and was head of gynecology dept in another hospital. We explained her the situation and she scheduled a scan 2 days later. We anxiously waited for the day and after the scan were impatient for the result. The doctor took me aside and said the same thing as the first doctor. However she gave us a lot of mental support and advised us to wait for another week before coming in for abortion. We could do nothing but accept her suggestion. We went back home. That night I was very agitated. We both prayed to Sai, asked him to do whatever he feels best for us and then went to bed. Before sleeping my wife applied Udhi to her stomach. She did this daily for 1 week. After one week as advised we went to the doctor for an abortion. Before that, the doctor said she would do a routine scan.

Now see the miracle. The scan showed the pulse and the fetus was growing. The doctor was shocked. She double checked the earlier scan reports, recalculated the dates. She talked to herself for 10 mins.we could hear her murmuring impossible..impossible 2 to 3 times. Finally she said "God wanted this baby to be born". She then gave us the happy news. We were thrilled. My wife was happy and we could not thank Baba enough. The Baby was born with no trouble and now he is a 2 year old active energetic boy.

Baba's grace is unfathomable.



A Sai Devotee
I would like to share my experience with Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. I had been meaning to read the Sai Satcharitra in the Saptah for many many days. Unfortunately, something would always happen and I was unable to complete is properly within the 7 day period. Having a few problems with my studies, I felt very dejected. Parents were looking for an alliance and that also was not going too well. Seeing my bad state, my mother suggested that I should do the Sapta- try again. So, I started it on a Monday and before the last day- within the Saptah, many good things happened. We received an alliance and as quick as lightning, everything was settled. Both the groom to be and myself met on the last day of the Saptah and maybe it was Baba's leelas but without thinking twice, I also said yes. Both families could not be happier with this alliance and things are looking very positive. Thank you Baba for all your kind doings. I love you forever and always. You have further increased my faith in you. At the moment, I am a little worried about the exam coming up. Please Baba, stay with me and guide me through my exam as well. I have full faith in you. Please give me the strength, motivation, and concentration to study really well for it and help me to pass the subject. OM SAI RAM!



My friend Sitaram got married in Aug 2004. He got a daughter in 2006. He was separated from his wife in 2007 as she filed a court case. Every year he has to go to Madurai from Bangalore to attend the court case and it was settled that he has to pay monthly amount. I prayed Saibaba with shradda that they have to get united. During May 2009, he said that his wife changed her mind and agreed to live with him. Today [16th Oct 09] he came on yahoo chat and said his family is in Bangalore to celebrate Deepavali. His parents are very happy. My sincere prayers were answered by offering 2 paisas to u. I prayed with Shradda and we waited with Saburi





On Thursday, Nov 29, 2007 I went to Sai Baba temple in Mylapore. I entered the temple at 10.30 AM at 10.40 when I wanted to subscribe for Anna Dhan, I found my purse missing. Mandir is flooded on all days, especially on Thursdays, it's packed. I was sure at 10.30 I had my purse in my handbag, because my husband gave me money for the subscription, I had kept the money in my purse and put it inside the bag. It was our Wedding Anniversary and I was terribly upset, to be very honest, I could not pray sincerely that day. I had all my cards in the purse. Fortunately, there were a couple of police constables in the Mandir, and I lodged a complaint immediately with them and blocked my cards by calling the banks from the Mandir itself. Returned home that day with a heavy heart and prayed SAI MA to get back my purse with the cards, because my purse had all the cards like medical, pan, etc?.Â

Days elapsed, months elapsed. Suddenly on 22 March 2008, I got a call on my cell from a gentleman that he had found my purse on the road. . While he was standing in the bus stand, he saw my purse on the road, he picked it up and found a few cards along with my business card. He called me immediately the moment he saw my business card. He said in a couple of hours, he will let me know as to where I should go and pick up the purse. I was skeptical and could not believe at the first instance. That gentleman shared his contact to me, so I called my husband who was away, to get in touch with that gentleman to collect the purse.Â

In the evening when my husband was returning from office, he had been to that gentleman's house to collect the purse. My husband was dumb founded to receive the purse along with Sai's prasad. That gentleman had been to Shirdi and just returned the previous day. He has given a couple of rare photographs of SAI MA, Udi along with the purse. WE WERE SPELL BOUND.Â

Recently I took my teenage daughter for her annual dental examination. Much to my dismay the dentist told me that she wanted to talk to me since my daughter had a white patch on her tongue. I was worried since a white patch can be a symptom for pre cancer /cancer. I prayed very hard to Sai Baba the ever benevolent and read the Sai Charitra in a week. I also mixed a little Vibudhi in water and gave it to her every day.We took an oral biopsy and by Babas' grace the report was normal and there were no abnormal cells. I made avow that I would post my experience on the Sai Vichar web site. Thank you Sai Baba and please continue to help your bhaktas overcome their problemsÂ


Source - Sai Vichaar

Trust in Lord

Om Sri Sai Ram


What can the snake do to Dwarakamayi's children? When Dwarakamayi protects, can it strike? We have no need to fear. Strike, let me see how you can strike and kill!"

- Promises of Baba as Dwarakamayi

In fulfilment of the above charter granted for all time to His devotees, Baba twice saved us from imminent danger of fatal poisonous bites.

The first time was in the winter of '42 in an interior village of Visakhapatnam Dt. where we had sought refuge from the Japanese bombing of the city and the threatened overnight invasion by sea in March of that year. It came about like this.

One evening my wife drew my attention to a small snake about 10" long slowly creeping along the foot of the wall of the front vereanda where I was sitting. In the impulse of the moment, I did the stupidest thing. Taking its small size for granted, I hit it with one of my chappals and sutomatically stood up. Instantaneously, it jumped up reaching for my face as if it had instinctively anticipated my erect posture. It was so sudden and so totally unexpected that I was startled out of my wits, so to say. Only Baba I am sure must have made me slant my head backwards in the nick of the movement, so that missing its mark narrowly it fell down. In frantic fear and despair, I picked up the other chappal near me and hit it in a frezy and killed it.

As that time and till long afterwards, I had not known that I was confronted with a reptile called krait more molicious than the other poisonous kinds. For while even the Cobra attacks only on provocation, this one does so on mere sight and its bite is as fatal. It is unusual for it to leave its haunts, away from the inhabited areas. Evidently it was caught and thrown in.

It later dawned upon my mind that some clique in the fairly big village wanted to teach a lesson in such a vengeful manner for my heterodox ways of defying untouchability and employing a low-caste woman for fetching water and cleaning utensils. Such acts pass unnoticed in a city but are not tolerated in the villages dominated by the upper castes who though not brahmins were feeling scandalised that I calling myself a brahmin, should stoop so low. The fact is that having come under the influence of Gandhiji first and accepted whole-heartedly Baba's teachings later, my wife and I had almost completely eschewed observing differences based upon caste of creed. Further, when they saw her serving meal on a Thursday to a mendicant-harijan afflicted with leprosy seated in front veranda of the house, the sight must have been galling to them. I can now see that I had also grossly though unwittingly tresspassed the social bounds and decorum of the local standards of rural society in some other ways. Thus I had incurred the enmity of a group of families by blocking up the channel letting their drainage pass through our yard till then and improvising a lavatory in the adjoining open space. Though all this was done with the pradhan's approval, it must have scandalised them. Add to these my tendency to put my foot in my mouth while talking, liable to be mistaken for imparity and it must have proved the last straw. This is the price one has to pay for not doing in Rome as the Romans do.

The second occasion was in November '49 or '50. It has been said that it is a misfortune in life to fail and the other misfortune equally bad is to succeed. I was employed then as a Leading Examiner of Ammunition in the Navy at Visakhapatnam and by the sheer grace of Baba success came knocking at my door. The immediate result was I succeeded in making enemies too who would not be averse to see the end of me or some one dear to me. This I came to know

in retrospect. What actually happened was this. One morning as I entered the lavatory of the old open-air type, contrary to my habit of mechanically squatting on the stones to answer the calls of nature, I instinctively felt impelled, rather Baba provided the impulse to look round. Imagine my shock and horror to find between the stones where I was to have squatted a small Cobra with its hood raised obviously ready to strike. I backed out in fear and summoned my neighbor who found it half crushed in the middle so that it could not move. He killed and disposed it of. The inference was clear. Beyond all doubt, it was placed in that position with the injury inflicted on it to rouse its fury and left to do its fell work. Only, whoever had done it had not taken into account the omnipresence of Baba, that He is even there as He assured where His devotee goes to ease himself even in the dark.

Glory be to Shri Shirdi Sai - Grace be to all

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