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Bhagwan Sri Shirdi Sai Baba

Om Sri Sai Ram

The Mystic Fakir of Shirdi was no ordinary mortal , he was An Avatar . The Supreme Sadguru Sainath is the Omnipresent Being , existing ceaslessly . Memoirs of Lord Sainath have touched the lives across Globe , the Peerless Guru has enlightened millions and taken into his fold . It is a rare boon to experience formless (Nirakar) God , millions have been hallowed by Lord Shirdi Sai Baba's presence in their lives both with his Divine Form and Nirakar ( formless ) attribute . Forms are Many but God is one , all forms lead to the same Supreme Truth residing in all hearts . Without Shradha & Saburi man cannot move forward towards the penultimate goal of all lives i.e Self Realization . Complete Surrender towards our Sadguru Sainath will make life simple and carefree . When the Divine Lord is willing to take our burden , willing to Love us like a thousand Mothers , willing to rescue us from all sorrows and tribulations , it is Our foremost duty to Keep unwavering Faith on him & follow on the path of Truth as Our Beloved Lord Sai has taught us . We will find him always there to guide us , guard us & Love us . For refuge other then him , is none.

May The Lord of Shirdi , The Ever Merciful Lord , The Auspicious One , The Deen Dayala Bless you .

Om Sai Ram

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