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Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba

Om Sri Sai Ram

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"True in the Beginning,Truth throughout the Ages,True even now,Ever Shall it be."

Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba is the Formless Bhraman as mentioned in the Scriptures of all Religions . He is The Avatar who incarnates time again & again and keeps his promise as he sang to Arjuna in the Holy Book The Bhagwat Gita ( The Song of the Lord ) . This incarnation was not Uninvited & was the result of prayers by the Yogis of Highest order , Saints and Sages across Lands.

As in previous incarnations , The Avatar chose the Blessed Land of Bharat for this Advent . He was born on 23rd.11. 1926 , in Puttaparti ( a small village , now a Global City where people from all over the Globe come to see the ONLY ONE , without a SECOND ) . He is the Re-Incarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba.

The Sweet Master's work is ceaseless , he is Love personified and is the Ever Blissful Atman . He is Lovingly the Master of all Hearts , the chit chora of his devotees . To those who have experienced his divinity by his Grace alone , know him as The Eternal Sutraman . To those who are yet to know him , will know him as Adi Purusha . And to those who do not wish to know him , will still know him as the Answer to the Question they have deep in their heart.

His ways are Beyond Comprehension and a Glimpse of The Avataric Glory can be read in his Biography called Satya Sivam Sundara , Which means Truth , Auspiciousness & Beauty . He guides and cures in Dreams , in Visions , in Direct Presence & through ways which are known as Miracles . Every Devotee lives under the umbrella of his grace . Each devotee has a story to tell as to how Bhagwan Baba changed his Life Completely.

The Glorious Advent of Sri Satya Sai Bhagwan

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