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Devotional India Corporate Social Responsibility

Unity in Diversity, Love and Righteous Business Models are the three cornerstones of our pursuit towards Perfection.

At Devotional India Groups , we are committed to our theology that the only creditable activity is to spread the Divine Message . Be it through dissemination of Teachings of the Masters, or by our Selected Product Line or By our Devotional Travels. We strive to create an engaging & inspiring work environment which supports career progression through espirit de corpse and taking special care of spreading Glories of the Omnipresent Lord bringing Joy in Lives of People of All Walks .

  • We are very alert for an opportunity to Collaborate, Compete , Celebrate & Rejoice !

    Community Building

    • Employee Grooming builds current & future organizational human capability through skill & Moral development training.

    • Provides a platform for sharing knowledge, Multi Cultural Understanding , experiential learning & Realizing All religions lead to One Lord .

    • Helps improve employee understanding of devotional India terms , ethical commitments and our mission.

  • We believe as citizens it is our duty to engage and contribute towards the upliftment of our society. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are aimed to support in building a better community and a cleaner environment. We believe in Our Ideology and basis of application of our Theme - Love All - Serve all

  • Our three CSR Guidelines are:
  • • Spreading Brotherhood through Our Work Culture
  • • Promoting Products that do not cause any damage to the Enviroment.
  • • We Believe in Dictum of Love All – Serve All and Strive to achieve this through all our Original works .
Our Corporate Social Responsibility