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Devotional India(TM) is an International E-Spiritual Hub for all Devotees. It is a Masterpiece, a Dream Project which promotes the Sacred Indian Heritage. God is not bound by any sect, religion or gender. He transcendents it all and is approcable by men of all faiths .

This website promotes a vibrant concept about Spirituality & Glory of India. Our Group sends forth the message of Devotion, Love & Sacredness to people from all walks of Life. Our aim is to take our Visitors and Members to an Unforgettable Voyege in this Holy Land of Bharat.

India - The holiest place on the Planet is a devoted land which is also the playground of all Avatars ( incarnations of Supreme Being ). This Holy land is the Spiritual Engine of the World and humbly carries many a refuged souls of different lands to the Eternal Light or Abode of Supreme Peace.  India lives in its villages, the cities, politics & its chaos are not its true identity. Its richness lies in the sacred teaching of Vedas, the followers of Truth, The Yogis, Saints & Seers, Devoted people & is the Land where 'Men Dream God'.

All our Product Line consists of carefully handpicked products which are of high quality, carrying a tag of subtle sacredness. Most Products are exclusive contents of Devotional India Groups, many are connected with a traditional Appeal of India and many others are Spiritual Delights.

Our Team - comprises of God Loving people, who feel blessed to take Birth in the Holy Land of Bharat and who strive to propogate the True Glory of the land by our Offerings of Special Indian Devotional Tours, Pure & Divinely Electrifing Products & our Works which are expansive to be contained in words .Our Spiritually revitalizing travels are a delighful treat for the spiritual souls residing in the country or anywhere the Globe. It is said that the Mission of the Divine is ceaseless and God is the doer of all works through his instruments.

It's a Passionate & Dedicated endeavour which is submitted at the Lotus feet of the Supreme Bhraman who is titled by innumerable names God, Divine Mother, Allah, Holy Ghost, Rama, Krishna, Sai baba. Who happens to be the Guru of All Guru's & is personification of Love.

The True Belief is -  God is Love and there is no God above Love. All the names as God, Allah, Jesus, Sri Satya Sai Baba, Sri Shirdi Sai baba, Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, Shri Buddha, Sriman Narayan are all incarnations of Love. God cannot be caged in the matrix of alphabets or man-made religious impressions. He is inconcievable, infinity, Beyond Comprehension, Omnipresent and resides in the heart of all. 

It is God's Love which manifests as a miracle in a Devotees life to bring unto him. It is again his love for Dharma & Mankind that God Incarnates again and again. There is no offering which can be more higher than Love to God. So to Love him , without any reservations is the offering we can offer.

Our Devotional Travel to holy destinations is to give you an unsullied experience, Desired to fullful your Holy Desire. Let us all realize that we are only playing a part assigned by the Supreme Master only.

Our Mission - is to spread the glory of the Holy Land & the message of the Avatars. The Blessed Sojourn to Bharat's sacred destinations will give you a true view as to what is the real bharat away from the cities, the huslting and tiring lives. We will show you the real blessed Bharat which adorns the crest jewel of Spirituality and whose Land has been again and again renedered holiest of the holiest by Divine Incarnations and Transcendental Interventions.

We all are children of the Same Divine Supreme Being, Come Lets be blessed by this Holy Land of Pilgrims where people Love God more than Material.

In this Humble devoted work, The Team of Devotional India brings together the Different Routes which Mankind takes to reach God.

'Words of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba taken from this Biography
He is the sub-stratum, the substance; the separate and the sum, the Sath; the SATHYAM
He is the awareness, the activity, the consciousness, feeling, the willing and the doing, the chith; the SIVAM
He is the light, the splendour, the harmony, the melody, the Ananda; the SUNDARAM'.

Life is a pilgrimage where man drags his feet along the rough and thorny road. With the Name of God on his lips, he will have no thirst; with the Form of God in his heart, he will feel no exhaustion. The company of the holy will inspire him to travel in hope and faith. The assurance that God is within call, that He is ever near; will lend strength to his limbs & courage to his eyes. His yearning to merge in God was but the sea calling to the ocean ! Man Loves, because life is Love ! He is melody and harmony. He seeks joy, for He is joy. He thirsts for God, for he is composed of God, and he cannot exist without Him .

Om Tat Sat


To all of you, from all of us at Devotional India Store - Thank you

Love All - Serve All

The Devotional India E-Store Team